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5 Free Apps to create NFTs on any phone

Do you want to create a Non-fungible token or NFT you can do it using your smartphone wherever and whenever you want using the 5 Free Apps to create NFTs on any phone, One of the most common questions we get is if there are any other ways to create an NFT without photoshop, illustrator, or blender? The answer is yes because almost anything can be an NFT even if you just take a photo with your phone and upload it to the blockchain but of course, you want to create something more special that’s why I’ve checked out some apps and programs for your phone or tablet so you can start creating today.

As I said you’re not tied to any one app or program to create NFTs but there are some apps that allow you to create an NFT inside of them and allow you to upload them directly from the app as well. So then you don’t have to save it on your phone transfer it to your computer and then upload it later somewhere else. When you’re finished, simply hit upload to continue. Here are the 5 Free Apps to create NFTs on any phone.

Future of NFTs
Future of NFT

NFT Art App

NFT art is a simple app it’s first in the list of 5 Free Apps to create NFTs on any phone that allows you to create a variety of graphics quickly and easily you can start using the app for free but there are paid options for more features. However, if you just want to try it out you can use the free version as well. Selecting various backgrounds, icons, or graphics is the first step. After that, you can stack them to create a visually appealing effect. The file can then be exported and uploaded wherever you’d like. It’s not the best app but it’s not bad to understand the different layers and assets behind NFT art.

NFT Creator App

NFT creator it’s a good app if you’re new to designing NFTs and especially if you’re new to graphic design in general this might be a good start for you. The layout is very straightforward and user-friendly, but I don’t like how restricted everything is. I’m sure there’s a way to pay for the app to unlock more features, but I would not suggest doing that. Learn the basics of what looks good and what doesn’t then move on to a more advanced program that gives you more possibilities to work with.

Procreate App

It’s an app that allows you to work with different layers and has endless possibilities for creating art. It’s number 3 in the list of 5 Free Apps to create NFTs on any phone. This app is different than other ones though if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll probably be completely lost when you try the app for the first time, that shouldn’t scare you away because there’s a huge community and countless tutorials on youtube to learn every single step in this program. Even inside Procreate, there are step-by-step guides for making your first NFT. So if you are an artist or you would like to become one be sure to check out procreate for your iPad. Before I forget though this program works best with newer ipads that support the apple pencils if you don’t have one already or if it’s not compatible with your device then consider getting something decent like the apple pencil or something similar that works well with procreate.

NFT Go App

The largest mobile NFT marketplace, NFT GO, allows users to create, purchase, and sell NFTs all from their smartphones. Over the past few months, NFT GO has experienced phenomenal growth and now ranks second only to OpenSea in terms of mobile install volume and user activity. This all-inclusive app meets all of the needs of the NFT community.

Follow these steps below to list an NFT for sale:

1- Locate the item you want to list for sale on your profile page.

2- Set a list price for the item in gems, and tap “List NFT for Sale”.

3- Promote your NFT.

4- You will get an email confirmation when someone buys your NFT.

How to Promote NFT Project

NFT Pixel Creator App

This one is quite exciting because it allows you to easily create pixel art within the app. For that, you can either work on the blank canvas and start from scratch Likewise, you can select an image from your camera roll and add a pixel filter to it once you’re finished. You can directly upload your NFT and mint it if you already made an NFT somewhere else. You can upload it using this app as well.

If you still live in an 8-bit world or you love crypto punks, which I know some of you do, this app might be ideal for your own art project. It’s important to think a bit further and you either take the moment to capitalize on your artistic talent and show the world your drawings or videos or come up with something that solves a problem or creates something amazing in the metaverse. 

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Now’s the time to come up with ideas that will carve our future and now it sounds kind of cheesy I know but never was more possible to come up with something that millions if not billions of people around the planet could use it’s never been easier to make money from anywhere in the world. It’s never been easier to do whatever you want to do let me know in the comments down below if there are any other apps or programs you love that I should check out you can get these apps from the google play store.

You can use these 5 apps to create free NFTs. NFT Creator App, Procreate App, NFT Go App, NFT Pixel Creator App, NFT Art App

These are the top 3 platforms to create free NFTs and some of them allow directly post your NFTs on marketplaces. NFT Art App, NFT Creator App, Procreate App

You just need an app where you can create your NFTs like NFT Creator App, Procreate App, and NFT Go App.

Yes, you can use Canva to create NFTs, Many beginners use canvas to design NFTs as it’s easy and free to use.

The NFT collection generator makes it simple to make an NFT collection. To generate NFT, no programming is required. Use the no code NFT collection generator as your only requirement.



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