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Balochistan asks Punjab for 600,000 bags of wheat

Balochistan’s Chief Minister, Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, expressed the hope that Punjab, the province’s older brother, would give the region 600,000 bags of wheat to end the current flour shortage.

On Wednesday, he discussed these ideas with provincial ministers.

A 20 kg bag of flour is now being sold on the open market in Quetta and other areas of Balochistan for Rs2,600, according to the CM’s comments.

In one of the poorest provinces in the nation, this has made matters worse for the general populace.

The federal government will play a role in addressing the financial woes of Balochistan and putting an end to the wheat and flour crisis here, said Bizenjo, adding that we have approached the Punjab government about providing wheat to the Balochistan government to overcome the province’s flour crisis.

The chief minister requested that the federal government give Balochistan an additional 1% share of the national finance commission award due to security concerns.

According to Bizenjo, maintaining security for half of Pakistan is expensive.

He claimed that Balochistan was experiencing both financial and security difficulties and expressed the hope that the federal government, led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, would address all of the province’s complaints.

He informed the cabinet that Balochistan currently owed Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) more than Rs34 billion in back taxes.

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In order for Balochistan to get out of its current financial crisis, he requested that the PPL ensure prompt payment of the province’s outstanding balance.

He reiterated that the Baloch people’s living standards have been improved through a number of government initiatives, for which billions have been allotted through the public sector development program.

He issued an order to the relevant departments to intensify their efforts to ensure the prompt and effective completion of all projects currently being worked on in the province.



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