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Ghazala Kaifee Biography

Are you curious about who Ghazala Kaifee is and what his background is? Here, we have a detailed record of his life and career. Let’s look at the full biography of Pakistani actor Ghazala Kaifee and discover more about his lifestyle and accomplishments.

Personal Information About Ghazala Kaifee

Ghazala Kaifee was born on Sunday, April 17, 1960, in Karachi, Pakistan. Discover Ghazala Kaifee’s age, husband, net worth, weight, height, career, family, pictures, biography, and more. Learn about Ghazala Kaifee’s major successes or accomplishments.

Ghazala Kaifi is renowned for her astounding adaptability in a variety of roles and for playing each one of them with complete commitment and brilliance. She is a lady with a distinctive personality. She started working when she was a college student seeking a bachelor’s degree; Fatima Suriya Bajia introduced her to others, and she later frequently collaborated with them.

She has made guest appearances in a few Pakistani television series. In the performance, which had a profound effect on the audience, her brilliance was best displayed. Pakistani drama produced it. She co-starred in the starring role. “Shama” is one of the drama programs with the most enduring fame in Pakistani television history.

Her other works include Uroosa, a Pakistani drama series that is regarded as a reality-based drama, and Ana, which was broadcast in the late 1800s on the PTV channel. Brahim ki Talash, Ye Bhi Kisi Ki Beti Hai was a three-generational story told in Urdu, and all 21 episodes were broadcast on Geo TV. Ghazal Kaifi has collaborated with skilled filmmakers like Qasim Jalili, Haider Imam Rizvi, and Ayub Khawar in Pakistani cinema.

She is not only a performer but also a social activist. She advocates for the rights of the average person, and as the attractive actress that she is, we see her doing good deeds for the needy and the underprivileged. She started the Fountain of Youth charitable trust to carry out her process of dispersing joy through her charity.

Young people are motivated by a desire to support and assist others in difficult times. She hasn’t put in much effort in the Pakistani television industry, but her talent and good deeds have helped her become incredibly well-known and respected. She is regarded as an influential and promising Pakistani star.

Ghazala Kaifee Biography in Detail

Date of BirthSunday, Apr 17, 1960
Age63 Years
Birth PlaceKarachi, Pakistan
ResidenceKarachi, Pakistan
Father(will update soon)
Mother(will update soon)
Brother(will update soon)
Siblings(will update soon)
SpouseNawab Kaifee
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Net Worth USD $5 Million
CategoryActors and Actresses

Ghazala Kaifee Date of Birth

Ghazala Kaifee was born in Karachi on April 17, 1966. She is 52 years of age.

Ghazala Kaifee Age

Ghazala Kaifee is 52 years of age.

Ghazala Kaifee Family

Ghazala Kaifee father name and mother name will update soon. In the 1970s, Kaifee wed the actress Ghazala, and their son Amir Kaifee went on to become an actor. Later, Kaifee wed the actress Chakori, and their sons Hasan Ali Kaifee and Asad Ali Kaifee both work in show business. On March 13, 2009, his birthday, he passed away at the age of 66.

Ghazala Kaifee Son Name

Ghazala Kaifee has 4 sons. Ghazala Kaifee son name is Hasan Ali Kaifee, Asad Ali Kaifee and Amir Kaifee.

Ghazala Kaifee Daughter

Ghazala Kaifee daughter is one.

Ghazala Kaifee Husband

Ghazala Kaifee Husband name is Nawab Kaifee.

Ghazala Kaifee Education

Ghazala Kaifee started her career while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in college;

Ghazala Kaifee Career

Ghazala Kaifee started her career when she was a college student seeking a bachelor’s degree; Fatima Suriya Bajia introduced her, and they later collaborated frequently.

She has made appearances in a few television series in Pakistan. Her ability was best displayed in the performance, which had a profound effect on the audience. It was a drama from Pakistan. She co-starred in the starring role.

The drama series “Shama” is one of the most enduringly well-known in Pakistani television history. Ghazal Kaifi has collaborated with talented directors like Qasim Jalili, Haider Imam Rizvi, and Ayub Khawar in the Pakistani film industry.

Ghazala Kaifee Net Worth

Ghazala Kaifee Net Worth is USD $5 Million.

Ghazala Kaifee Height

Ghazala Kaifee Height is 5 Feet 6 Inches.

Ghazala Kaifee Weight

Ghazala Kaifee Weight is 65.

Ghazala Kaifee Dramas

  • Sinf-e-Aahan
  • Ishq e Laa
  • Qissa Meherbano Ka
  • Laikin
  • Ghareeb Zaadi
  • Rasam
  • Janay Kyun

Ghazala Kaifee Movie

  • Article 370 (Film)
  • Actress. Tipu Sultan: The Tiger Lord Malka Fatima Fakhr-un-Nisa (Sultan Tipu’s Mother)
  • Shama Shama
  • Roti Kapra Aur Insan, Roti Kapra Aur Insan Actress
  • Ishq Deewana Actress, Ishq Dwwana
  • Alif Laila Actress
  • Mera Veer Actress]


What is the age of Ghazala Kaifee?

Ghazala Kaifee age is 63 Years, his date of birth Sunday, Apr 17, 1960, horoscope Aries, place of birth Karachi, Pakistan, nationality as Pakistani and residence Karachi, Pakistan.

Who is Ghazala Kaifee’s husband?

Ghazala Kaifee wife or spouse name is Nawab Kaifee.

What is the Profession of Ghazala Kaifee?

Ghazala Kaifee is a Pakistani Actress by profession.

Who is Ghazala Kaifee’s Parents?

Ghazala Kaifee father name is (will update soon) and mother name (will update soon).

What is the net worth of Ghazala Kaifee?

Ghazala Kaifee net worth is USD $5 Million.

What is the education of Ghazala Kaifee?

Ghazala Kaifee education is Graduated.

What is the name meaning of Ghazala Kaifee?

Ghazala Name meaning is Spinner.

What is the height and weight of Ghazala Kaifee?

Ghazala Kaifee height is 5 Feet 6 Inches and weight 65.

Ghazala Kaifee Social Media Account

Ghazala Kaifee Instagram

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