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Govt keeps petrol prices unchanged for the upcoming two weeks

Ishaq Dar, the federal finance minister, announced on Saturday that the prices of petroleum products would remain the same for the ensuing 15 days.

Dar announced in a televised speech that the government had decided to keep petroleum product prices as they are for the next 15 days without making any changes.

As the government struggles to reactivate the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan programme to rescue the country from its economic crisis, sources earlier claimed that a levy on diesel could be increased to maintain the current prices.

At the moment, a litre of gasoline costs Rs214.80, which also includes other taxes and a levy of Rs50 and Rs14. Diesel is currently priced at Rs227.80 per litre, which is higher than the ex-refinery price of Rs187. The government receives Rs30 in levies and Rs10 in other taxes for each litre of diesel sold.



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