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Imran khan no longer believes in early elections

Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, responded angrily to reports that plans were being made to appoint a technocrat government. He said he was no longer hopeful about the country holding general elections anytime soon.

The former prime minister, who has maintained that there is no point in corresponding with the current “imported government,” claimed that only the establishment was responsible for allowing elections to take place and that this included the army chief. He asserted that he was not in touch with the “establishment.”

The PTI leader told reporters on Wednesday at his Zaman Park residence that it was more crucial to persuade the PDM government’s supporters than the PDM government itself to call for early elections.

He claimed that rumors of a technocrat government being installed in the nation led him to believe that the government is not planning to hold general elections anytime soon.

He claimed that the Pakistan Democratic Movement had become no more than a living room gathering.

Mr. Khan forewarned that “if any political engineering is attempted in the next general elections, the results will not be good” using Bangladesh as an example. He claimed that the PTI was Pakistan’s most prominent political party and that disobeying the will of the majority of Pakistanis would have disastrous repercussions. He cited the example of the largest party in East Pakistan, whose mandate was rejected.

The former prime minister criticized retired Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa once more, saying that he had engaged in “excesses against Pakistan” that had brought the country dangerously close to default.

He claimed that Gen. Bajwa had done a great injustice to the nation and that the threat of default had increased to 90% from 5% during his administration.

Although Gen Bajwa did not view political corruption as a serious issue, Mr. Khan added that his government’s working relationships with the former army chief were “good.”

He asserted that corruption cases totaling Rs. 1,100 billion were resolved by changing the NAB law.

Prior to this, the PTI leader claimed that Gen. Bajwa had “struck” a deal with Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh, and PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari. Mr. Khan asserted that entering into what they refer to as a “charter of the economy” would be pointless because both the PML-N and PPP had foreign assets.

According to him, the nation’s ongoing political and economic issues cannot be solved until after free and fair elections have been held and the rule of law has been established. If the ruling class does not engage Afghanistan in dialogue, he claimed, the wave of terrorism will worsen.



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