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Moon Themed Luxury Resort: Dubai Modern Tourism Project

Dubai is always known for its ambitious architectural projects. Projects like the iconic Burj Khalifa and other projects as well. Now Dubai is going to build a $5 billion worth of Moon Themed luxury resort in Dubai. A Moon Themed Luxury Resort seems out of this world. A Canadian architectural firm called Moon World Resorts Inc. is the brains behind the luxury resort with a lunar theme (MWR).

An opulent resort with a Moon theme could be built in Dubai before the end of this decade. This surreal resort was created by the Canadian architecture firm Moon World Resorts Inc. In Dubai, ambitious architectural projects are not unusual. The fact that the world’s tallest building, the iconic Burj Khalifa, will be surrounded by plans for a suspended city is evidence of the extravagant architecture of the area.

A $5 billion (AED18 billion) destination resort may be coming to Dubai this decade, according to Moon World Resorts Inc, a Canadian architectural firm and intellectual property licensor. Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson co-founded the resort and came up with the concept. It will be constructed in 48 months and will be 735 feet tall overall.

Largest and Most Successful Modern Tourism Project

Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson came up with the idea and co-founded the resort. When finished, it will rise 735 feet (224 meters), and construction is anticipated to take 48 months. The project is also worth $5 billion (AED18 billion).

Henderson reported Moon themed luxury resort Dubai Once constructed, Dubai is expected to strengthen the emirate’s economy. It will improve a number of industries, most notably space tourism but also entertainment, tourist attractions, technology, and hospitality.

Since it “can comfortably accommodate 10 million annual visitors,” according to Mathews and Henderson, Moon themed luxury resort Dubai will be the largest and most prosperous modern tourism project in the MENA region, and it will increase the number of tourists visiting Dubai annually. The resort’s lunar surface, which is encircled by a “lunar colony,” will enable reasonably priced space tourism for an estimated 2.5 million visitors annually in Dubai.

When will the Moon themed luxury resort Project Start?

MWR is currently in charge of this architectural project. MWR intends to showcase the distinctive architecture of the MENA region by traveling to Dubai and other nations in the region in 2023 as part of a global entrepreneurship trip. The resort’s construction will adhere to gold LEED certification and is anticipated to be finished in 4 years.

Three additional resorts are being planned by MWR, one each in the MENA region, North America, and Asia. The resorts are built around Moon-themed ideas, and they come complete with a stargazing lunar observatory, a tranquil day spa, and a party room for your group event.

What services will the Moon-Themed resort provide?

Although the details of this project are still gray. It is expected that the height of the excitement structure will be 735 feet (224 meters). The resort, spread over 10 acres (435,600 square feet), promises an authentic “lunar colony”.

We don’t know what that means yet, but reports suggest that the area will offer quality hospitality services such as hotel rooms, a wellness center, a nightclub, and a meeting space.

Apart from providing Earth-like facilities in a lunar setting, the purpose of this location is to serve as a center for space exploration. which provides a platform for space agencies to train their astronauts.

Space exploration hub

According to reports, the site is meant to serve as a center for space exploration, giving space organizations a place to train their astronauts while also providing the comforts of Earth in a lunar environment.

Modern engineering, design, architecture, and technology are prioritized at the resort. Eventually, the Moon themed luxury resort Dubai will act as a training facility for astronauts from various space agencies.

In addition, Moon themed luxury resort Dubai plans to offer luxurious “Sky Villas,” also known as the private residence on the moon, which will be integrated into the main superstructure disc buildings. MWR anticipates authorizing four Moon destination resorts, or regional licenses, one in each of the following regions: North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

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The UAE is currently looking into the commercial potential of celestial bodies, creating satellite communications technology, and putting the newest space technologies to use on Earth. According to reports, the country has pledged $820 million to support its ambitious space plans, which include early ambitions to develop satellites.



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