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TOP 10 Best Places to Retire | World’s Most Affordable Places to Retire

Need a quiet place near the beach, near the mountains, or on the farm? Are you planning to retire soon? Are you thinking of a good place to live after retirement? Would you prefer to be in a green environment? If you check your background calculated your pension and found that it wasn’t enough don’t worry. Here are the top 10 budget-friendly places you might want to retire.

10- Australia 

Australia is no 10 on the list of the top 10 best places to retire. Retirement in Australia provides ex-pats with the quality of life and the opportunity to enjoy retirement in a spacious and eco-friendly environment with abundant natural resources and beautiful hot spots. According to the number, the monthly cost of living on downtown rent can range fro$1,000 to $2,000 and you can enjoy the returnability and relaxing atmosphere of the countryside on one of the many beaches. 

Living Expenses

Australia has some of the cheapest cities in the world like Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne. These cities have lower living costs while enjoying a quality of life.


Life expectancy in Australia is long and the health and social services provided are of very high quality. However, pensioners are not eligible for government or medical benefits when they retire and must have their own comprehensive insurance with an Australian company. There are two types of visas for retirees in Australia.

Standard retirement visa 

Individuals wishing to retire in Australia must be at least 55 years old. You cannot have dependents except for your spouse who does not have to be 55 or older. Individuals applying for a standard retirement visa will first be issued a temporary visa valid for 4 years after this period expires your visa can be expanded continuously for 2 years.

Permanent Australian retirement visas

You need to prove that you own an asset of a given value. This value depends on where you want to retire in Australia.

You will be required to demonstrate that you have owned assets for a minimum of 2 years before applying for a permanent visa. In addition, a family member can sponsor you otherwise you can apply for a visitor’s visa and reapply when required.

9- Austria

Although slightly more expensive than the other countries on our list Austria is among the top 10 livable countries according to the global peace index. A recent study by the economist intelligence unit ranks Vienna as the most livable city in the world. In this city alone there are endless choices of museums art and world-famous architecture. One figure shows that you can expect to pay an average of $960 a month for an apartment in Vienna. 


Living and housing costs in Austria are very similar to those in us. Rental prices in the us are on average about 92% percent higher than in Austria. So if you decide to live in Austria housing costs can be significantly lower.


Austria offers quality facilities at affordable prices for most residents, citizens, and visitors. Austria ranks 28th according to noma while the us is in 50th place. 


The nation ranks as the sixth safest in the world and Austria has low crime threats in one of Europe’s lowest crime countries. 

Visa requirements 

To retire here you will need a residence permit after 6 months. To get it you need proof of income. Austria offers some visas to Americans but the most popular for retirees is a permanent residence premier. In addition, staying in Austria requires a language test to prove that you understand german. The application process is entirely in german and can take several months so it is best to work with immigration.

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 8- Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the best in the list of the top 10 best places to retire. For those who are trying to retreat to the alpine background but cannot afford french or swiss price tags, Slovenia is a solid choice. There are several mountains in Slovenia and adventurers are sweating in Triglav national park. 

International Living has ranked the Slovenian city of Ljubljana as one of the top 10 retired cities in the world. Couples can comfortably rent an apartment in Ljubljana for about $720 a month. 


Slovenia is generally cheaper than us therefore your pension budget can grow much more in Slovenia than in the u.s. Ljubljana is one of the most popular cities in Slovenia for pensioners.

Health Care

As part of the European Union. Slovenia has excellent health care. The number is 46 out of 93 countries. All residents of Slovenia who pay taxes are covered by the national compulsory health insurance system.


One of the safest nations in the world is Slovenia. According to the u.s state department, the capital Ljubljana is a crime-free place. Many travelers do not encounter crime, but it is important to be a careful crime can happen anywhere. 

Visa Requirements

For non-EU nationals, Slovenia does not offer a unique retirement visa. However u.s citizens can obtain a one-year temporary residence frame in Slovenia before leaving home. This residence permit is renewable annually and you can apply for a permanent residence permit after living in Slovenia for five years with a temporary residence permit. You can apply for a temporary stay visa through the Slovenian embassy or the Slovenian ministry of foreign affairs.

7- Peru

In terms of landscape, Peru has many options the country offers everything from vibrant cities to mountain-use areas to tranquil rural areas. And you’ll find world-famous dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from the sea to the mountains. Although Peru ranks 86th on the world peace scale. The organizations that develop still rate Peru as a high peace-level country. 

Peru offers comfortable living near the major city for $1,500 per month and that’s the top end you can pay $300 a month for a small house in Passat or buy a $100,000 condo in lima.

Health care

Healthcare n Peru is not highly valued public health insurance is available but you may not get the best experience in care. In addition, many companies offer private health insurance when working in Peru, this means access to private hospitals and clinics. There may be a small fee.

Visa Requirements

If you want to work in Peru, you can live in that country with a work visa. You can start a small business and essentially hire yourself. You can apply for a permanent visa or Peruvian citizenship with both a work visa and rentista visa.

There are other visas such as student visas and investor visas but the above visas are the best options for retirees and early retirees.

6- Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is no 6 on the list of the top 10 best places to retire. The Czech republic can offer a good balance between affordability and security. It ranks 9th on the global peace index. It is known as the capital of castles in the world. Prague castle has been standing since the middle ages. The country also has 20 monuments that are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. 

Apartments are often located in buildings over a century old and are as modern as you can ask. High-speed internet is faster than in the us and much cheaper for our European capital.

Prague represents a great lifestyle at a great value expect to pay up to $1,700 a month for a state-of-the-art furnished apartment in the heart of town and about $650 a month for a very nice and furnished apartment. After 90 days you will need to register your visa. You will need a certificate of health insurance to apply.

5- Panama 

Panama is one of the best in the list of the top 10 best places to retire. Panama has built its reputation as a world-class destination and a solid foundation that includes reliable infrastructure and modern amenities. You’ll find a wide selection of rentals and properties for a sale to suit every budget and wish list. Life in Panama is active. You may be wondering how you’ll feel your days when you retire but ex-pats in Panama have found it’s impossible to get bored. There are organized activities for ex-pats in numerous towns across the nation.

They improve the surroundings, which also include live music, outdoor activities, English-language movies, and much more.


It also offers the friendly nation’s visa and the pension at the visa the pension added visa almost works like a reward credit card it also offers you the following discounts:

25% off lights 

30% of public transportation 

25% of restaurants 

Like in any other place, your standard of living will depend on your lifestyle and the area you choose to live in.

4- Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is no 4 on the list of the top 10 best places to retire. Those looking to retire in a tropical paradise with a paradise price tag can look no further than Costa Rica. In popular San Jose, the average monthly rent is $610, according to statistics. And meals at local restaurants dropped to as low as $7. It will be difficult for outdoor enthusiasts to get bored here. You can enjoy surfing, white water rafting, fishing, jungle hikes, horse riding, and more.

Health Care 

In case you get hurt, rest assured knowing that Costa Rica has one of the best healthcare systems in all of Latin America.


You can retire in costa Rica by applying for a pension at the visa but you’ll need a monthly pension income of at least $2,500. The residency process and the stipulation aren’t too difficult when compared to other countries. Do your research, establish your spending cap, and then adjust as necessary.

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Year-round Costa Rica’s temperature stays warm to hot. You’re not even going to need a heavy jacket or sea snow. Being knowledgeable about sidewalks or dealing with other typical winter headaches certainly means less hassle and more comfort.

3- Spain 

Spain is no 2 on the list of the top 10 best places to retire. Spain remains a European country highlighted for its overall low cost of living and peacefulness with its rich history Spain offers plenty of sightseeing to keep your mind and body running. Particularly art enthusiasts can enjoy the works of modernists like Picasso and Dali or the Baroque painter Diego Velázquez. The cost of food is affordable. Due to Spain’s temperate climate, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are produced nearby.

Health Care

Spain’s health care system was ranked the 8th best in the world. It has both public and private healthcare systems. In the public system, free basic health care is provided to those who contribute to the Spanish social security system under families whether they utilize the public healthcare system depends on the kind of residency visa they have.


Spain’s most expensive city is Madrid but even here you can find spots priced considerably lower than their counterparts in major u.s cities. One-bedroom apartments in the city center cost about $155 a month. After 90 days, you must register for a visa if you want to retire in Spain.

2- Malaysia 

Malaysia is one of the best in the list of the top 10 best places to retire. Malaysia is another nation on our list that is attempting to be more hospitable to expatriates. For nature lovers, the country serves as an ultimate getaway with its many beaches and jungles, but those who want to keep enjoying a city vibe will enter their golden years and can kick back into one of Malaysia’s many urban destinations. A one-bedroom apartment in Georgetown cost an average of $278 in the urban areas and $174 dollars in the suburbs.

MM2H program allows you to obtain a visa for up to 10 years. English is known as the unofficial first language in Malaysia, so don’t worry about getting over culture shock. The country is considerably higher in the peace scale when compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.

1- Portugal

Portugal is no 1 on the list of the top 10 best places to retire. Portugal ranks among the top five of the global peace index a fact that makes it one of the overall safest countries in the world. Thankfully the cost of living in Portugal is about as inexpensive as you’ll find in a modern country. Reasons why Doritos are in Portugal you can find a large house for just over $360 a month fully furnished with five bedrooms six bathrooms polished granite tops a laundry room and the most modern amenities. 

Food is inexpensive in Portugal. Fruit is generally 36 cents to $1.22 a pound and a full-price chicken is around $1.22 a pound as well as eating out is inexpensive. 

Additionally, the nation recently changed its tax laws to make them especially welcoming to ex-pats. If you qualify for an inhabitable residence status for instance you’re exempt from income tax for the next 10 years.

When requesting residency at the local consulate, you would need to show proof of health insurance if you wanted to retire in Portugal. However, there are numerous significant health insurance providers in the US. expand coverage there as well. Consequently, your transition might be made easier. You’ll meet many ex-pats here enjoying the kind of lifestyle they always dreamed about but could never afford in us Europe or Canada. where minor conveniences like being close to a beach cost significantly more. If you live in Portugal’s interior you live with much of food. Everywhere you go you see fruit trees, thick lush, green plantations, sheep herds, goat herds, and vineyards.

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  1. Portugal
  2. Malaysia
  3. Spain
  4. Costa Rica 
  5. Panama 

Portugal stands in no 1 place. It’s not surprising that Portugal consistently ranks at the top of the list of the best locations for retirement. There is something for everyone in this small nation in the southwest of Europe.

Australia has some of the safest and cheapest cities in the world like Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne. These cities have lower living costs while enjoying a quality of life.



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