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Why is my iPhone battery yellow?

Why iphone battery yellow because of Low Power Mode? It gets enabled when your battery is below 20%.

In this tutorial, I’ll be telling you why the yellow battery icon appears. How to fix it? and how to save your battery while using this feature.

Why the yellow battery icon appears?

You can see it over your phone. You must be seeing a yellow battery icon in the upper right-hand section of the screen and of course, you might notice that this is not the normal color of the battery icon. I’m gonna explain what it means and also to fix this then you don’t know where this came from.

So you must be thinking why is my iphone battery yellow Alright first of all in case you see that icon with the yellow, of course, something is off and that’s because your device is in low power mode. Now low power mode is activated as soon as your battery falls below a certain percentage usually it appears when your battery is below 20% and of course, there’s a pop-up on the screen that says, if you want to go into low power mode, of course, you might have selected low power mode or maybe somebody else at the trigger the low power mode Device is now in a lowered powered state meaning, it will suck less battery or take less battery to operate now, of course, you may not know to get out of this mode.

Know you must really get rid of it so you can see the icon itself is not actually on yellow indicating that the device has been shuttled means it will be poor performance or unusual a lot of soft turn off.

Why is my iphone battery yellow? How to fix it?

So in order to fix this, you’re gonna go into settings once you’re in settings you’re gonna scroll all the way down, there you will find the battery button, go into this option select battery or click on the battery button.

Once you’re in here you’ll notice that the option is selected right there that says low-power mode and as I said before your devices in low-power mode indicated as to the yellow battery and listening here what it says is low-power mode temporarily reduces background activity but I download mail fetches until you can fully charge your phone.

If you turn it off your icon goes back to its default look and it also changes the device back to its usual POJO in your device which shouldn’t be as snappy as normal. Of course, you can see how the icon is white when you look at it in detail, or of course, from a distance, it does look blocked which is the normal look. Know you don’t see the white anymore.

What if you want to turn it on?

So you can turn it back on whenever it pops up on the screen, or if you go in the watcher option you can always turn it on and notice the icon does turn to the usual yellow or should I say the unusual yellow color alright so if you don’t want this you can turn it off so the issue will be fixed and your battery will be back to normal and of course do know that you can use this mode to save a lot on battery power.in case you may want to use that feature repeat the same steps go to setting then go to the battery button and then turn on the low power mode to save your battery.

You can also turn it off or on steps are going to setting then go to control center. Go to settings click on control center then customize controls and then select low power mode to add it to control center.

How to save your iphoe battery?

my iphone battery yellow

You can save your iphone battery while using this feature actually low power mode reduces the amount of power that your iPhone or iPad uses when this option is on. If you are iphone user it will definitely help you in a great way you can use this feature in many cases to save iphone battery like when you are traveling somewhere you don’t have access to the battery or you don’t have any source to charge the battery then you can use this to save your battery and it will work longer.

Maybe some tasks might not work when this mode is on these features will be affected while using low power mode.

  • Network speed.
  • Auto-Lock will set to default to 30 seconds.
  • Display brightness
  • Display refresh rate (limited up to 60 Hz) on iPhone and iPad.
  • Some visual effects
  • iCloud Photos (temporarily paused)
  • Automatic downloads will be stopped.
  • Email fetch will be stopped.
  • Background app refresh will be stopped.

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