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3 best business ideas

This year is right around the corner and you may think that this is your year to start something great, however, you can’t figure out what that something is. Well, I am going to be sharing with you the 3 best business ideas that you can start with today. These 3 best business ideas can either be started quickly or they can be started with little money upfront. 

Meal prep service

From the list of 3 best Business ideas first one is you can start a meal prep service is one of the things that boomed. Literally during coven was grocery delivery and food delivery from uber eats, doordash, and things like that. So now people are realizing that they gained the covert 20, so people have gained 20 pounds 25 some even 50 and they realize that they need to get their selves back in shape, especially with these events that are going to be next year. They’re looking for a healthier alternative so if you know about healthy options and you can cook have a meal prep service or a meal prep company. So I should say can definitely benefit a lot of people.

Luxury or specialty pet products

From the list of 3 best business ideas, the second idea is to piggyback off of the pets on the rise and business idea number nine is you can create luxury or specialty pet products this is an area that I see overlooked but I’ve seen businesses actually go into this field and boom the reason why specialty products or luxury products for pets boom is because there are a lot of people who are bougie about their fur babies. Okay, there are a lot of people who want to dress their dogs up every day and change their outfits. But then there are also a lot of people with pets that have issues so, for example, my dog bailey can’t eat meat food and that means, she can’t have meat treats either and by meat, I mean red meat and certain white meat. 

She can literally only eat fish food and fish treats but they’re not a lot of fish treats out there, actually, there are not many at all. So we typically get her like peanut butter treats or something like that. But I wish there were more out there that had the fish in them or the fish by-product or whatever so that way she can enjoy those treats as well instead of just the chewy biscuit cookies that are peanut flavored because you know she can’t chew like a bone because they have like meat infused bones versus, a fish-infused bone or something like that.

Fitness trainer

From the list of 3 best business ideas, the third idea piggybacks off of the whole idea that people gained a lot of weight during covid and they’re trying to lose it now and so that is you can become a fitness trainer. If you are really fit yourself and you have the knack for maybe even training your friends or your family and you have a pretty good idea of what to do to either drop weight or to build muscle or to tone and things like that. 

I definitely suggest you consider becoming a fitness trainer because like people like me, for example, I’m trying to lose a certain amount of weight before my wedding which happens to be in 2022, and hit how they all connect and so I would love to actually have a fitness trainer who knows exactly what they’re doing and can give me the results within a certain amount of time. So if that is you should become a fitness trainer girl or guy.


This one is a bonus idea except from the list of 3 best Business ideas. is to piggyback off of the whole idea that people gained a lot of weight during covid and they’re trying to lose it now Business idea number 10 is you can start a consulting business and when I say this I want to be very clear. I am not speaking about becoming a business coach or a business strategist, because I feel like a lot of people feel like that is the only route when it comes to a consultant and that is not true so it’s important for you to reflect on something that you are really really good at or something that you are really highly trained on and maybe become a consultant for that a good example is I was in a program called build to impact by Maya Elias earlier this year and when I joined that program. 

I learned about so many different coaches that I didn’t even know existed one that stood out to me was that there are people out there called wife coaches which means they coach either newly engaged women on how to be great wives or wives that are already in relationships on how to save their marriage or strengthen their marriage, when I tell y’all I was like whoa that makes so much sense and best believe those ladies were having you know five figure months and six-figure years in something like wife coaching okay so don’t fixate your mind on business coaching or whatever you can literally coach on things, like maybe a career coach if you’re really good at getting hired. 

You’re really good at resumes and things like that maybe a career coach is really good for you if you are really good at relationships maybe becoming a relationship coach is good for you if you’re good at teaching single people, how to love themselves maybe a self-love coach is good for you. whatever you are highly trained or have great experience in think about creating a consulting business from that so that you can sell your knowledge and that takes little or no money to start as well that was a lot to share.

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Okay, so I just went through the 3 best business ideas if you have any more business ideas make sure you go ahead and comment down below with those business ideas and then also let me know which one of these business ideas you are starting. I would love to hear them I would love to support you I would love to give you feedback, so make sure that you go ahead and drop a comment down below letting me know which business ideas you like the most and which one you are probably going to start.



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