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Make Money From Podcast | Earn Passive Income

How to make money from podcast is a hot topic and it’s a good way to earn passive income from them. Sponsorships are the most common way for podcasters to make money. When this occurs, the podcast will publicly promote the sponsor. You can probably expect some of their advertisements to appear in each episode of your favorite shows. The number of downloads your episodes receive determines how much money you will receive from a sponsor.

Start a Podcast

Make money from podcast, starting a podcast is a great way to earn money passively this is a lot less work than setting up a youtube channel for the most part. However, building a podcast audience is much more difficult than building a youtube channel’s audience because podcasts do not have an algorithm that aids in audience growth. In fact, a surprising number of podcasts have seen their popularity soar as a result of their being on youtube. 

How difficult is it to begin a podcast?

Anchor FM has a one-star rating for ease of use because it’s so simple to create a podcast there. It’s possible to use your phone and pass it back and forth among your buddies. I’ve lately invested in a service called riverside FM which allows you to start a podcast. It’s quite simple to start a podcast with riverside because it makes it so simple to capture interviews from a distance. Podcasters rely on brand arrangements to generate their revenue. However, making $100 a month from a podcast is not difficult for podcasts youtube AdSense is not available. It’s commonly accepted that you’ll need sponsorship or a brand arrangement to make money from your podcast and it appears that you can expect to make $18 for the 30-second advertisement and $25 dollars per 1000 views for the 60-second advertisement. For a weekly podcast, you’d need about 1,000 downloads per episode to earn $100 a month assuming you have a steady stream of advertisers who are willing to pay that level of sponsorship. As a result, you’d see 4,000 downloads every month on average you’d be spending around $100 a month if you put the 60-second ad in there for $25 dollars for 1,000 views if you had 1,000 downloads per episode and 4 episodes a month.

smart passive income ideas
Earn money passively through these smart passive income ideas

How difficult is it to achieve 1,000 downloads a month?

You can’t receive 1,000 podcast downloads per month but you can get 1,000 views on youtube because of the built-in distribution. Youtube has a much larger audience than podcasts. Making it a unique medium there are certain podcasts that generate more than 1,000 downloads every episode on average like my friend who started his own podcast around five months ago and has already had over a thousand downloads per episode and on average each episode of his podcast receives between 400 and 500 downloads. This isn’t awful at all given that he only started five months ago and had no audience when he began. Unlike me when I started my own podcast he didn’t have an unfair advantage because he has just begun uploading videos about it on youtube which will really help the podcast expand. He has just debuted season 2 of his podcast which he began posting about just now.

There are a lot of people out there that can easily make 100 a month from their podcast in the next six months. We’re going to give it a 3 out of 5 stars on our side hustle grading matrix because it’s difficult, but not as difficult as monetizing on youtube where you have a minimum threshold.

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Last but not least there is the issue of upkeep. You have to constantly produce podcast episodes in order to secure brand deals. So it isn’t a passive source of income at the beginning but once it starts running it will be passive for you because you create a podcast once you don’t know how long it will be listened to and downloaded you will make money while sleeping, however like with most things once you’ve found a formula that works it’s much easier to keep going once you’ve already gotten started. In terms of the podcast upkeep I’m going to give it two stars as an example, however, the podcast generates average revenue of $625 dollars per week through brand collaborations and subscription fees. Make money from podcast i hope these tips help you in any way to find out more about generating passive income check out our other guides.

The best way for new podcasters to make money is to use a variety of monetization strategies. These can be carried out in the background as you work on growing your listenership and your podcast’s reach to attract more listeners and sponsors.

Each podcaster needs their own microphone, and audio editing software is needed to edit and export your podcast. If you want to host visitors remotely, a conference hosting service like Zoom may be useful.



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