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Top 5 Play to Earn Games | Best P2E NFT Games 2022

Players now have the option to claim actual ownership of their in-game assets, which P2E game developers mint as NFTs on the blockchain, thanks to NFT-driven play to earn games, also referred to as “crypto games.”

In this article, we’re going to dive into the top 5 best play to earn games in 2022. These games will allow you to make money but are above all enjoyable and easy to play. 

Remember we are strictly operating off personal opinions and information found publicly online. We are not financial advisors all investments you make are on your own, use our information as a starting point and always do your own research always learn before you earn.

What are the best play to earn Games in 2022?

After analyzing different play to earn NFT games we concluded that Tamadoge and Battle Infinity are the two projects you should consider playing and investing in. Even though they’re relatively new these two projects are already taking the crypto world by storm, breaking all cell records and climbing the leaderboard of the best crypto projects of 2022. Their pre-sales ended earlier than planned and they already have a significant reputation and community support. 

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Considered by many ones of the best meme coins and one of the best crypto pre-sales of 2022. Tamadoge is already making a lot of noise and seeing lots of success in the crypto world. Even though its coin is still in the pre-sell. Tama already secured first exchange listings because el bank and pancake swap announced they would list the token on their exchanges and this is just the beginning of what seems to be a bright future since the token raised 2 million dollars in the beta pre-sale, which finished 15 days earlier than planned. Also according to experts, Thomas’s price can go as high as 40 cents by the end of 2025. Promising a terrific future for the token and vast rewards for its owners. 

The token price is expected to increase after the launch of all elements of the ecosystem. Tamadoge is a game set in Tamil verse where players can buy breed and take care of their Tamadoge pets and battle them with other pets to earn rewards plans to launch its metaverse, augmented reality app, and multiple play to earn games.

A token with utility Tama is the first meme coin whose owners can have actual use and benefits from it. Another reason that sets Tamadoge up for success is that it aims for mass adoption engaging casual gamers and non-p2e gamers in its gameplay. This will surely secure a higher demand for the token in the future. So we’ve put Tamadoge as the best overall p2e NFT game in 2022. 

Battle Infinity 

After completing the pre-sale and raising 16,500 BNB in just 25 days Ibat was listed successfully on pancake swap and Lbank. The pre-sell on pancake swap was a huge success and the price of Ibat pumped to 5x. The pre-sale success of this played-earned game proved the project has immense support from the crypto community, making battle infinity one of the greatest projects of 2022.

This is because battle infinity is revolutionizing the gaming world. The platform has multiple games integrated into the metaverse under the name battle arena. This is a complete ecosystem where players can play games and interact perform watch or explore the world of the battle arena and chat with other members in the metaverse. Price predictions say that Ibat will reach 1 cent by the end of 2023 and 2 cents by the end of 2025, meaning the price will grow by 3,900 percent in the next three years.

The terrific reputation of the project comes not only from all its massive features but also from the fact that it’s an Indian project. 

India is a country that prides itself on some of the best software engineers in the world and has a terrific NFT reputation. Since it’s the homeland of the layer 2 polygon. The battle infinity is verified and kyced on coin sniper, protecting investors from rug pull activity. The ecosystem composed of 6 products is efficient and easy to use. With battle, infinity players can play cricket games in the Ibat premier league, mint their artworks and sell them on the Ibat marketplace, or deposit tokens and earn an annual percentage yield or APY. This makes battle infinity the top p2e NFT game with the greatest potential in September.

Axie Infinity 

Axi Infinity is a play to earn game where users buy and raise axes, and pokemon creatures and battles them with other axie animals. Axie Infinity game players can also breed the collection of these creatures to build a more powerful team. Players can purchase land, build a kingdom or increase their piece of property on this platform. What was supposed to be one of the best projects of 2021 and 2022 faced many issues this year?

Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity

First and foremost axie’s prize fell by 30% in May after the breach into the ronin network and the theft of 625 million dollars in assets. After this, the game’s player base started dropping down significantly, mostly because all of them were left in debt and disappointed. However, axie infinity is still one of the best play to earn games around so it makes the list.

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The first digital world owned by users decentral and allows users to purchase land construct buildings or publish content on the plot to increase its worth. Decentraland gave control over the universe to the players allowing them to govern the ecosystem. In the game, players can create their avatars and buy land. The plots of land are NFTs that can be purchased or sold and monetized. When players obtain land they can do various things, such as establishing a digital gallery.

Considered one of the best p2e NFT projects after its launch Decentraland has faced a downfall in its price due to market bearishness causing concern. However, since the price has been down right now might be the time not only to play this p2e NFT game but also to invest in it.


This blockchain metaverse project combines horse racing with the world of NFTs. Silks allow game players to buy own and trade digital racing horses. Immediately after the purchase of the NFT the digital racing horse is linked to the real-time horse, based on the knowledge of the horse’s pedigree and race documents. NFT owners benefit and earn STT if a horse performs well at the race in real-time and they can also buy plots of land to construct their stables and breed horses.  Also, silk players can earn rewards by betting, purchasing, and promoting silks horses on the secondary market. Silks have a unique and innovative approach so be on the lookout for STT. It’s an interesting p2e NFT game and concept. Investment decisions depend on risk aversion and personal preferences but if you buy Tamadoge on pre-sell now you’ll be investing in something with a bright future that can possibly bring you 10x rewards almost immediately after investing.

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Tamadoge and battle infinity are perfect options even though they’re relatively new in the crypto world both p2e NFT games are already considered the best crypto projects in 2022 for their innovative approach to gaming and the best thing is you can invest in these tokens at a lower price now and be among the first in line for cash and 10x rewards.

So what are your thoughts on these five play to earn games? which one do you think has the most potential? Leave a comment below.



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