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What is the metaverse, and metaverse use cases?

Imagine that you could transport yourself to a world where everything is possible, with no borders, no laws of physics, where you can do everything you want, and the fastest way to get there is from your own home. It turns out that this place exists and is called Metaverse. There are different metaverse use cases.

The metaverse is a reality or a virtual environment that does not exist physically but is an extension of the real world in which we can interact socially,  economically, and even politically.  This virtual universe is contained within a software-controlled that tries to replicate the real world but without limitations or borders.

Metaverse or metaverses?

When discussing the Metaverse, people usually think that it is a single virtual world analogous to the real world we know.  Currently, what we have is not one but many metaverses that compete with each other.  Some of the most popular metaverses are NVIDIA OMNIVERSE, FORTNITE, MINECRAFT,  ROBLOX, and THE SANDBOX, among many others. All these virtual worlds are independent of each other, meaning that a user of the Metaverse of Fornite cannot interact directly with a user in the Metaverse of The Sandbox these are different metaverse use cases

More than a game

Although at first, it looks like Metaverse is reversed to the players.  For example, in the Metaverse of The Sandbox users can not only interact with each other but also can buy virtual properties with real money these are metaverse use cases.  Another example is the NVIDIA OMNIVERSE metaverse. Companies can create virtual simulations of their industries in a digital environment where different computers and devices can be tested to analyze how they would behave in the real world.  In this way, we can test machines or vehicles even before being built.  As you can see, the Metaverse is not only about creating fun universes in which to play, but it is a replica as close as possible to the real world, but digitally and without limitations.

Virtual reality glasses

Not all metaverses are immersive; you can not use virtual glasses to access all of them; only a few have this peculiarity, mainly  NVIDIA OMNIVERSE, HORIZON WORKROOMS, or ROBLOX, to mention a few.  But most likely, with time, more and more companies will join the trend of using Virtual  Reality so that users have a more immersive experience.

Virtual reality glasses are the essential elements to understanding how this works since they are the tool that separates the conventional Internet from the Metaverse.  On a computer or cell phone, you can surf the net, watch social networks, and watch videos,  but with virtual reality glasses, you can “live” the Internet or even feel it; it is the difference between seeing 2D pages and being able to “touch” the 3D elements of a virtual world.

metaverse use cases

Virtual reality or augmented reality

Not only is the Metaverse limited to entirely virtual immersive worlds that are a replica of the real world, but this can also be an extension of the world we know.  The world of Roblox, where you create your Avatar and interact with other people worldwide,  is known as “virtual reality” since it is a universe independent of the real world.  Have you seen the Ironman movies? One of the most famous scenes of the film is when the billionaire Tony Stark puts on the helmet of his suit and in front of him appears an interface that seems to be floating a few centimeters from his face and where information that is useful to him is shown, such as the amount of energy he has left, the damage it has suffered, if there are any enemies nearby, etc.

That’s what’s known as augmented reality, a type of virtual environment that blends in with the real world.  The simplest example we can find of this is the video game Pokemon Go, this game was trendy when it went on sale and still is today, to such an extent that it is considered the largest augmented reality in the world. Both virtual reality and augmented reality are an extension of the Metaverse with which we can interact in different ways and ways.  Currently, those taking advantage of augmented reality are companies using this type of technology so that their employees can see essential data from some devices or equipment.

But this is only the beginning according to experts, over the years, this type of technology can be applied to other environments such as the medical industry; in these scenarios,  doctors could use augmented reality glasses to see the inside of a patient before starting the operation. In the automotive industry, engineers could visualize vehicle failures and repair them much more accurately also among metaverse use cases in the construction industry,  architects could visualize the internal structures of constructions when a structural damage analysis is needed, among many other applications it’s also among metaverse use cases

The possibilities of the Metaverse are unlimited; every sector of industry, every job, and every person shortly will be related in one way or another to the Metaverse.  Just as cell phones were a revolution at the time, metaverse technology will be too. It is even likely that as virtual reality glasses technology progresses, mobile phones are displacing.  And maybe in a few years, instead of seeing people with their eyes fixed on the screens of their mobile devices, we will see people with their eyes fixed on their virtual reality glasses.  A NEW WAY OF WORKING For the Metaverse to be a revolution,  it is not enough that virtual worlds are more beautiful or glasses more accessible; there must be a demand from the population; the exciting thing is that this demand already exists. Remember the question we asked you initially about whether you would buy a piece of land in a virtual world?

Well, maybe what you don’t know is that thousands of people are already doing just that, but why are there people spending their money on virtual land? The reason is simple, trade.  Just as 30 years ago, no one finished believing that thousands of dollars would move on the  Internet in trade. Currently, many do not finish convincing themselves that in the Metaverse,  a lot of money will also move, mainly due to electronic commerce.  Analogous to web pages that require a domain to function, in the Metaverse, those who want to summon their friends to a meeting or a party must have a place to do so these are the virtual lands of interest in metaverse use cases.

Metaverse problems

Unlike social networks or the Internet, where we can browse with some security or privacy,  one of the problems that most concern web security experts are the total surveillance that the Metaverse will bring.

In a virtual world like Roblox or The Sandbox,  users’ avatars are being observed by the metaverse logic controller 100% of the time.  That is to say that the owners of this system will know at all times what we are doing, what we will do, what we touch, what we look, where we are going, absolutely everything; it is even thought that in the future companies could place false avatars, that is, controlled by computer, that interact with you as if they were real people.  These avatars would influence your decisions, what to see, what to buy, where to go, what to think, etc. While companies like Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta have already said that they would never invade users’ privacy in this way, at the time,  Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have already had problems with the law precisely because of the misuse of the private data of their users.

The feature is here

Although this Metaverse may seem something very distant for many, the reality is that it is already here, only that there is still a long way to go before the technology is available to everyone.  The first problem is found in virtual reality glasses, which are not precisely economical; if we compare them with a cell phone, they cost practically the same, but few people will be willing to buy them if they do not know everything they can do them. We also have internet connectivity today. There are areas of the world where it is possible to make a simple video call with a lot of effort.

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However, the amount of information needed to interact in the Metaverse is higher, so there is still a long way to go before we see this technology scattered throughout the world.  Finally, we want to know your opinion. Would you be willing to buy clothes or a plot of land in the Metaverse? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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