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21 Best Games that Pay Real Money | Best Earning Games App

Do your parents scold you for playing games? Wouldn’t it be great to surprise them by treating them to a fancy restaurant which you earned from playing games? You’re on your phone anyway. As long as you’re at it, you might as well make some money, We suggest the best games app actually the best games that pay real money.

To assist you in making money right away, we’ve compiled a list of the 21 best games that pay real money. Even though you won’t be making enough money from these best game apps to give up your day job, they can be a pleasant distraction and a source of extra income. Best earning games app without investment from 2022 to 2023. Here are the top 21 best games that pay real money.

  1. Blast 
  2. Big Time Cash 
  3. CHGames 
  4. Givling 
  5. Lucky Day 
  6. Brain Battle 
  7. Bananatic 
  8. Pogo 
  9. Swag IQ 
  10. Long Game 
  11. HQ 
  12. GameHag 
  13. Pool Payday 
  14. Dominoes Gold 
  15. InboxDollars 
  16. Mistplay 
  17. Blackout Bingo 
  18. Swagbucks 
  19. 21 Blitz 
  20. Cashyy 
  21. Solitaire Cube 


You can use the Blast app to play games and save, earn, and win money. It’s one of the best games in the list of best games that pay real money. You connect this free app to your checking account and authorize it to make periodic transfers of small amounts into high-yield Blast savings account to get things going. By participating in a variety of games or completing missions, you can earn a variety of rewards.

For example, you can earn $25 cents for connecting candy, make $5 cents for collecting coins or get $1 for conquering a particularly difficult level. Additionally, the app rewards you with Experience Points for every mission you complete and every dollar you save. As you accumulate more points, move up the leaderboard for a chance to win one of three prizes. Second place wins $50, third place gets $25, and first place takes home $1,000.

Keep in mind that Android-powered mobile devices are currently the only way to access Blast. When the iOS version is released, there is a waiting list to get it. 

Big Time Cash 

The Big Time Cash app offers more than 600 entertaining games for players of all ages. Playing any of the games will allow you to accumulate tickets. Use them to participate in the ongoing cash prize drawings. Your chances of winning increase as you purchase more tickets. There are no in-app upgrades or purchases. You don’t have to pay to enter any of the drawings everything is completely free. 

Because the app uses some of its advertising revenue to fund the prizes, the payouts increase as more users sign up. Both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store offer the Big Time Cash app.


This app is managed by Publishers Clearing House, or PCH for short. Access scratch cards and instant win games at PCHGames for a chance to win up to $2,500. The app comes with a number of different games, including solitaire, slots, and mahjong. You can take part in prize drawings by earning tokens. If you’re incredibly lucky, you could win prizes worth up to $1 million.

Aside from getting lucky with a top prize, you can also redeem your points for fun giveaways such as gift cards and merchandise.


Try the Givling app if you’re having trouble paying off your student loans or mortgage. Four- and five-digit cash payouts can be won by participating in free trivia games. There’s no way to cheat by quickly searching the internet because you only have 10 seconds to respond to each question. A $10,000 random drawing will be held if you participate in the free trivia game at least 10 times in each 30-day period.

Another way to get money is to sign up for the funding line for mortgage or student loan repayments. Your objective should be to move up the queue by engaging in specific tasks like interacting with ads, taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities, and so forth. You could win $50,000 if you make it to the top to put toward student loans or a mortgage.

What is GameFi?

Lucky Day 

Feeling the urge to gamble? Consider downloading the Lucky Day app, which puts the casino in your pocket. It’s one of the best games in the list of best games that pay real money for gamblers or who like casinos. There are many different casino games available, such as slots, raffles, scratch-off tickets, and more. Real cash prizes are up for grabs, with a daily drawing for $100,000 being the largest. Even if you don’t win the grand prize, you will still accumulate points that can be redeemed for gift cards to well-known stores like Amazon. In addition, the points can be used to participate in raffles, sweepstakes, and lottery drawings. Since new scratch cards are available every day, you might want to come back and try your luck again if you didn’t win the day before.

Brain Battle 

Lucky players have already received tens of thousands of dollars from Brain Battle. They achieve this by giving one lucky winner a portion of the advertising revenue. There aren’t any in-app purchases or games with a prize. Simply download the app for free and participate in any of the games to earn tickets.

You must buy at least one ticket to be eligible for the cash prize drawings. You have a better chance of winning the grand prize if you have more tickets. Payment is made using a PayPal money transfer. The Google Play store and the iTunes App Store both offer Brain Battle.


Check out Bananatic if you want to be among the first to play a new game and offer your feedback. This app is used by game developers for testing their new games and getting reviews and suggestions for improvements. Additionally, you receive rewards in the virtual currency of the game for participating in gameplay, leveling up, and writing reviews. Your winnings can be redeemed for premium games, digital content, or even gift cards.


Both free and premium game options are available on the Pogo app it’s also one of the best games that pay real money. There are many choices, from popular card games to arcade games. You can play a variety of games in the free version to accumulate points and enter drawings. With the paid version, you can take part in contests and compete for higher points. Additionally, it offers access to additional games and ad-free gaming.

Either version allows you to enter a daily drawing for a chance to win $50. Additionally, you can win a $500 jackpot by playing games by yourself.

Swag IQ 

Do you enjoy the excitement of good game shows? For the chance to put your knowledge to the test on a live trivia game show, download the free Swag IQ app. You can earn cash just for playing, and a grand prize if you can correctly answer all the questions. You’ll be given a series of trivia questions and multiple-choice answers in true game show fashion.

Only 10 seconds are given to you to choose your response. To be eligible for the grand prize, you must choose before the allotted 10 seconds have passed. Even if you don’t finish first, you can still gain digital currency from Swag IQ by correctly answering questions. You can use it to enter again for the grand prize or to exchange it for money or gift cards. 

Long Game 

Long Game can be a good way to pass the time, but it can also assist you in reaching your financial objectives. You must authenticate your identity and connect your bank account to the app before you can begin. Establishing a savings goal, such as saving for a car down payment, is the next step. Next, decide how much you want your account to be debited each payday.

Each time you make a deposit into your account, coins will be given to you to use in games with cash prizes. You own the entire amount that you deposit into your in-app savings account. To add to the security and peace of mind, the FDIC has insured the account.


Do you love showing off your trivia knowledge? If that’s the case, you ought to give HQ a shot. You can compete and win money prizes in this entertaining, brisk trivia game. Each multiple-choice question must be responded to within 10 seconds. The app mimics a live game show that starts at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time daily. There’s usually another show at 3 p.m. Eastern on weekdays as well. To be eligible for the grand prize, which is awarded to the participant who correctly responds to all 12 questions, you must answer all of them.

If more than one person correctly answers each question, the prize is divided among the individual winners. The maximum daily prize is $5,000, and the top prize on Sundays is $25,000. Prizes can occasionally reach much higher amounts, up to $400,000. Both Google Play and the iTunes App Store offer the HQ app. 


A great Google Play app called Gamehag allows users to play games, respond to surveys, and even create YouTube videos in exchange for cryptocurrency gems. These gems can be converted to cash in your Steam Wallet. The app is rated, Teen. Generally, games take 20 minutes. The number of games is endless. from puzzles to games for mobile devices, 3D graphics, and virtual reality. offering many enjoyable ways to earn money as a result. Anyone who frequently plays video games needs this.

Pool Payday 

It’s my hot favorite from the list of best games that pay real money. Get ready to play some 8-ball pool while they are set up in a rack. Fans of the pool will really enjoy the game Pool Payday and possibly even win money. One-on-one live games allow you to compete for amusement, profit, or even both. Playing the game is fairly simple. And we adore the overhead line of sight it provides to help you align the cue ball. When your ball lands in the pocket, the crowd cheers and you gain points. 

To practice, play offline. Select the online competition option for players over the age of 17 to compete and possibly win money. PayPal and Apple Pay are available for payments.

Dominoes Gold 

Just like real dominoes, Dominoes Gold lets you play for actual cash prizes. In this rapid-fire game, you compete for the highest score until the timer expires. You can participate in daily domino tournaments as well. Play casually for no charge, take part in easy to medium-level challenges, or sign up for the Pro League. The winnings include money and other gifts.


If you’d rather receive cash instead of coins or reward points, check out InboxDollars. You can play a tonne of paid and free games on this app for free to make money. In contrast to other best game apps, you can exchange your earnings for real money.

You can play more than 30 free games, including word searches, card games, chase, sudoku, and more. Your money can easily grow because the average earnings per activity range from 25 cents to $5. You can withdraw the money when you’re ready to cash it out and put it into a savings or checking account. Check out some of the additional ways InboxDollars offers to make money, such as surveys, web searches, and more.


With the Android app Mistplay, you can play new games and gain points while doing so. Use points to redeem for free gift cards at well-known merchants like Amazon Visa Xbox Coffee Shop iTunes on Google Play in addition. Your gaming habits and preferences are taken into account when choosing the games you see on Mistplay. This demonstrates that Mistplay goes out of its way to select games you’ll enjoy playing. As far as “apps that give you real money,” this is about as generous as I’ve seen, according to Joe C.’s Google Play review.

Gamified NFTs
NFT Games

If you play casually for a few hours here and there, you can easily make $5 per week. There is currently a waitlist for iOS, but Mistplay is currently available on Google Play.

Blackout Bingo 

Blackjack, Yahtzee, Solitaire, bingo, and other games are available at Blackout Bingo. It is available via iOS and Android. Play 1V1 or in groups. Play for tickets that you can use to purchase prizes, and if your state permits it, as you advance in rank, you can play for real money. Prizes are available in a range of value levels and include items like mugs, portable speakers, and more. 

There’s no age minimum to play. To play for real money and win it, you must be at least 18 years old in order to have a PayPal account and receive your winnings. 


Playing games is just one of the many ways to make money available on the Swagbucks app. Swagbucks, which can be redeemed for gifts or gift cards to well-known stores like Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart, will be given to you as a reward.

Even a $10 sign-up bonus is available! Playing free games like Swagasaurus Run or Swag Memory is one of the cool ways to earn Swagbucks. You may want to play more frequently to increase your earnings since you can only earn so many Swagbucks from each game each day.

21 Blitz 

21 Blitz is described as “Blackjack Meets Solitaire”. You can participate in multi-player tournaments or head-to-head matches with other players and can play for free or participate in competitive single-player or multiplayer games to win cash.

You are paired with other players who have comparable skill levels whenever you decide to take part in a multiplayer or head-to-head challenge. Following registration, you can earn Bonus cash for referring friends. You can always take your winnings out. You need to be at least 18 years old to participate.


You can choose missions in the free Cashyy app, play those missions, and finish them to earn in-app coins. Then, using this Android-only app, you can add your coins to your PayPal account. With your earnings, you can also buy gift cards from Amazon and other retailers.

There are numerous different missions to choose from in the app, according to the Google Play summary, and coins are earned quickly. According to the summary, the app offers puzzle games, strategy games, arcade games, adventure games, action games, casual games, and more. You get to choose the games you want to play, and winnings are paid out. The developer description for Cashyy states that it does not support in-app purchases.

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Solitaire Cube 

It’s the last game in the list of best games that pay real money. For those of us who love playing cards, Solitaire Cube is a fantastic way to challenge your card knowledge and maintain mental acuity. Both iOS and Android have a free download link for it. This game is ideal if you enjoy playing solitaire to pass the time and want to win money.

The game of solitaire cube is similar to traditional solitaire but is quicker and allows for multiplayer play. We adore the way the Skillz-powered game connects you with other players who share your skill set. Thus, it remains fair and interesting.

Practice League and Pro League are the two game modes. Practice is pure practice and is remunerated with Z Coins. With Pro, you can gamble with real money and even compete in tournaments for players over the age of 17. Simply use your Paypal account to cash out. Which game are you interested in playing? Comment below

Best games that pay real money.

1- Blast 

2- Big Time Cash 

3- CHGames 

4- Givling 

5- Lucky Day 

1- Pogo 

2- Swag IQ 

3- Long Game 

P2E stands for play to earn games, by playing these games you will be awarded for playing games these are online games. Follow our guide to see the best game apps that pay real money.

Yes, cash app games are real and you can earn money by playing games but unfortunately, most apps that exist online are fake follow our guide to get the list of 21 authentic best games that pay real money.

InboxDollars and GameHag pay real money by completing surveys.



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