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In this article, we will discuss the difference between NANO S, NANO S PLUS, and NANO X. Now I know some of you you might have been looking at hardware wallets and you know sort of debating what you should be getting it’s been the ledger nano s and ledger nano x. For a while, a lot of people going with the nano x and you’ll see why but obviously price is you know a major consideration when you deal with this, and also depends on the number of crypto assets that you actually have.

We will discuss the difference between NANO S, NANO S PLUS, and NANO X: Nano s plus launched on April the 15th, it’s got the same sort of color palette as we’ve seen before and it’s priced around about 79 EURO, so you can check that out in your particular currency in your region. Some of the main differences between the legend nano are plus and the ledger nano is the fact that the plus has more storage capacity, it’s got a bigger screen but is better designed and it’s got NFT support where they use clear signing. About this clear sign, they mentioned that this is a feature of the capability for NFT transactions. Now we know there’s been a lot of scams around NFTs and the various transactions and phishing websites and all these types of things but they also mention in a blog that it is a new trend among makers of both hardware and software wallets that aims to provide users with greater transparency regarding the nature of the transaction. They also mentioned that the nano s plus connected to ledger live allows users to see their transaction details when signing and using that clear sign-in and users should avoid signing transactions where they can’t see this information.

We will discuss the difference between NANO S, NANO S PLUS, and NANO X, So again it’s giving much greater when you use this feature greater transparency to the transaction itself where’s the NFT coming from all of that and it’s intended to help the NFT collector from falling into scams. The s difference is now between the plus and the ledger nano x, ledger nano x has Bluetooth support which the plus doesn’t it’s got less of a premium design but it is developer friendly. So if you look at the three side by side will see the physical difference between the s plus you can see how it’s been redesigned as opposed to the s.

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So for me, it seems like this would be the upgraded version of the s to actually compete with the x and if we look at some of the specs you will see the nano s up to six apps whereas the plus and the x are up to 100 apps, it doesn’t have Bluetooth support but for me, that’s not a major deal. 

Everything else is more or less the same there’s one difference here when it comes to the connector so previously they were using a micro USB to USB now it’s the USB a2 USB c which is the same as the nano x. The screen is the same size as the nano x and the only other major difference is the price. So for me, if I hadn’t bought any of these and I just looked at these specs and I can see well it can hold up to you know sort of close to what the nano x can in terms of cryptos. It’s using the same connector, it’s everything else is basically the same except it doesn’t have Bluetooth, the screen size is the same and it’s coming in at almost half the price of the nano x this would definitely be for me the way to go.

Main Benefits

Managing over 5000 digital assets and can handle over 100 apps installed on the device simultaneously. You can safely manage your NFTs send and sign your NFT transactions with full transparency in the ledger live platform. So what you see is what you sign them, so again just say for transactions when it comes to NFTs. A smoother user experience with a larger screen and easy-to-navigate and verify transactions, so that’s also good just enhancing the user experience and then safeguarding your crypto NFTs and tokens. It ensures the same level of security as you would find with other ledger devices and keeps all of these NFTs offline and protected, which is obviously what we want.

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We will discuss the difference between NANO S, NANO S PLUS, and NANO X, Developers test your apps on the device similar to the nano s the nano s plus allows developers to test their apps directly on the device so that’s why they mentioned that it was developer friendly. So you can immediately see the major benefits of this device. This is actually very very nice the way they’ve designed this with the buttons uh spaced out right so here they’re saying to us the must-have ledger device perfect for crypto NFTs that were entering Defi and web 3. Again mentioning the fact that you’ve got clear signing, smoother experience, and large storage. With these features and looking at the price yeah it seems like a no-brainer bigger screen, and more memory the world’s most popular wallet just got better.

The support for Bluetooth is possibly where the two devices’ biggest differences lie. It’s in Nano X. Neither does Nano S Plus. So go ahead and purchase that Nano X right away if having wireless wallet management is important to you.

The Ledger Nano X is the ideal hardware wallet for carrying around your cryptocurrency and NFTs. It’s quick, secure, and wise way to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Over 4 million people support the Ledger Nano X worldwide because it’s incredibly simple to use and a very secure way to control and store your cryptocurrency.



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