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What is IHC? | Inflation Hedging Coin Explained

Inflation Hedging Coin IHC was established to offer an alternative method of wealth protection without the monetary hierarchy system’s interference.

Inflation is basically the declining purchasing power of a country’s currency over time which ultimately means that the money its citizens use daily is worth less over time. So in this article, I will explain a crypto token called inflation hedging coin, whose mission is to help you reduce the impact of inflation on your savings.

So you may be asking who or what is the inflation hedging coin or IHC? The inflation hedging coin is the brainchild of a group of native tech entrepreneurs from Mongolia. You might be asking why Mongolia the idea actually birthed from the frustrations of the bank of Mongolia printing nearly 30% of the nation’s fiat currency in a very short space of time and this sparked rising costs or increased the nation’s debt. This led to the creation of the IHC token on the 25th of august in 2021 as a cross-chain cryptocurrency running on both the Ethereum and Binance smart chain networks. This token has an experienced management team and it’s supported by a large advisory board of industry leaders from a variety of business sectors but over get this 100 years of experience among them and the company has just over 40 employees.

What is the mission of the IHC?

The idea behind the project seems to be providing a way to secure your wealth and savings without the interference of the current monetary system and it’s using DeFi as its basis. The developers don’t seem to want to reinvent the crypto wheel or even build their own blockchain rather they see this token as a financial instrument that embraces DeFi and provides people with an opportunity to work outside the traditional centralized economic system.

Permissioned vs Permissionless Blockchain Networks
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This project wants to provide a solution to not only inflation but also the current issues within the DeFi space and there is some problems with scaling within crypto.

What is the IHC use case?

When we talk about a use case we’re talking about its real-world application. Now basically it can be used by people or investors wanting to store their crypto securely and not be affected by market volatility. You can do this with a stablecoin. can’t you yes you can, but what makes this project special is the fact that holders have the added ability to earn from their holdings as well as using the blockchain adaptive concept which allows you to move between blockchains for the investor’s best interest.

What are the IHCs to Toconomics?

The inflation hedging coin burns itself annually from the total market cap at the u.s inflation rate to keep its store of value. This will continue to happen until the total market cap becomes equal to the number of IHC tokens in the holder’s wallets. The token burning will continue until the supply equals the total number of holders at which point the transaction fees will drop to between 0.5 percent and 1% from the initial 5% per transaction.

How are holders rewarded?

Holders are rewarded through transaction fees. According to the white paper in the beginning every transaction has a 5% fee attached to it. These fees are charged to the recipient and the sender they are accumulated and redistributed to all token holders regularly excluding the founders and the team members. The high transaction fee actually incentivizes the token holders to hold their tokens instead of trading them and this brings stability to the price in a volatile space.

Does IHC have a fixed cap supply?

Yes, there is a limit it has a total of 1 trillion coins. Now of this 100 billion tokens were sold during their initial exchange offering and 110 billion have been reserved for advisors the development team and the founding members. A few billion has also been locked away to burn annually against the u.s inflation rate as I mentioned.

Does IHC have scalability?

When it comes to scalability when we talk about this concept we’re talking about how the underlying blockchain can cope with the increased transactions on the network. It seems that the IHC inflation hedging coin has a very innovative approach to this problem. They found a way to maybe solve it by using what they call the blockchain adaptive protocol using this protocol means that the token can transition from one blockchain to another rapidly without much notice at all. 

The process of choosing which blockchain you want to move to will actually be done democratically and encourage the token holders to participate in this process when it does occur. In my opinion, it gives the token flexibility because some blockchains we know are faster and cheaper to utilize than others.

What are Blockchain Bridges?
Blockchain Bridge

Does the IHC have any business partners?

Well at the moment some of their partners include x meta which is powered by Binance cloud Bitmart BSc scan, ape swap, coin gecko, coin hub, and a complex which is a partner of Bittrex and Dex.

Is there a white paper and roadmap?

Yes, when you go to the IHC website you’ll actually find a very detailed white paper, now why is this important remember that a white paper provides the why and how of a crypto project and this one is no different and yes the website also provides a very clear roadmap showing us a picture of exactly where the project is headed in the coming years. The project has been featured in the news yes it seems like bit global and x meta exchange as well as the IHC inflation hedging coin itself has been featured on a number of websites already.

What about the price history of the coin?

Coinmarketcap and Coingecko give us a clear view of what’s been happening to the price since its inception in august 2021. When you look at these graphs even though it doesn’t look that great you need to be in mind that the IEO launched the coin at 0,000,105 dollars in august so a high of around 0,002 dollars in December and is currently stable at around 0,0003 dollars per coin. Now that’s not too bad so where can I buy this coin or you can buy this coin on x meta, Bitmod but global pancake swap and ape swap. It also has a very strong community with a solid presence on the various social media platforms, so guys hope this helps you understand what the IHC inflation hedging coin is and what it’s bringing to the market.

Inflation Hedging Coin IHC was established to offer an alternative method of wealth protection without the monetary hierarchy system’s interference.

Both of these trends taken together are probably going to hurt cryptocurrency. In an era of easy access to capital and high liquidity, it is simpler to invest in speculative, risky assets like cryptocurrencies.

When a currency, such as a dollar or a euro, depreciates over time, it leads to inflation, which raises the cost of goods. The inflation rates experienced by Bitcoin (and some other cryptocurrencies) are intended to be predictable and moderate.

Longtime supporters of Bitcoin have maintained that the currency’s rarity would shield its value from rising inflation. Because there is a fixed supply of coins rather than central banks, which can increase the amount of money in circulation, coins are scarce.

IHC will purely depend on your personal risk appetite, The idea behind the project seems to be providing a way to secure your wealth and savings without the interference of the current monetary system.



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