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Dogelon Mars Review| Dogelon Mars ELON Coin Explained

The Dogelon Mars Elon is one such project that draws inspiration from Elon Musk as well as the success of the Doge brand, making it one of the many meme cryptocurrencies that users can trade or invest in. While Elon isn’t directly related to Elon Musk his name tends to appear to have inspired many to hold it.

Today I’m going to give you a complete breakdown of what the Dogelon Mars and this is the humanitarian Elon coin. There are several dogged theme meme coins that have captured the attention of cryptocurrency Traders and investors in the last two years, but the meme Trend in crypto started after Tesla owner Elon Musk publicly started tweeting about the Doge Coin, since then men any Doge Coin-inspired meme crypto projects have appeared in the market.

What makes Dogelon Mars so unique?

Dogelon Mars is unique in many ways the first one is the fact that its Community has earned a reputation for helping victims of crypto scams. The Dogelon Mars Community has now made it their mission to give Elon coins to cryptocurrency scam victims in an effort to lessen their losses. Additionally, the neighborhood is united in its request for Elon Musk to back the project. Unlike Doge and Shiba Inu, the Dogelon Mars project packs some Galactic Ambitions, its stated goal is to become an interplanetary currency that may be used when hopefully everyone is living and colonizing Mars and Beyond. Its primary objective is to raise money for the transportation of settlers to Mars. Currently, Elon Musk has expressed interest in colonizing Mars, which is why the makers of Dogelon Mars are making a direct appeal to him through this meme cryptocurrency.

What is the Dogelon Mars road map?

Well, the stated purpose of the Deutschland Community is to make this crypto and interplanetary currency that developers haven’t released a white paper or a detailed roadmap. As is generally done by any crypto project rather they have posted a fantasized version of their roadmap whereby the Dogelon Mars keeps growing in value they become a fair universal currency. The official Dogelon Mars website presents a number of made-up stories illustrated by comic strips rather than offering much information about the project or the team behind it. The Dogelon Mars team has several plans to expand their crypto projects in late 2021 they actually announced the plans to incorporate defy and staking opportunities for the Elon holders. They intend to introduce the X Elon a governance token that will facilitate decision-making and provide incentives in the Dogelon Mars DeFi ecosystem. These X Elon tokens would be rewarded to users taking their Elon coins to make the Dogelon ecosystem even stronger.

Dogelon Mars is likely a risky bet for everyone with a large token Supply it’s unlikely to reach a significant price point in the future. Currently, users can only buy and hold Elon in their crypto wallet, at this point there is nothing else they can actually do with it.

What is Dogecoin?
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If you look at it’s price for Dogelon Mars we can clearly see that it’s actually decreased 3.39% now if you look at the graph for one day using tradingview you can clearly see that it is stabilizing at one point but the main issue over here is the fact that when you move to the seven day you can clearly see that the strategy that they’re applying right now at a strategic level is clearly giving a feedback and results to it which is clearly visible in the one month chart where you can clearly see there’s been a hype on the top but as it’s declined due to the market destabilizing itself with so many problems coming in so many issues coming and so many different factors such as the margins of the ethereum 2.0 coming into existence has had a direct implementation and consequence on the Dogelon Mars as well but if you look at the three month graph there is something very interesting that you will see that it has stabilized at this point while it has decreased but the one-year graph really gives an interesting picture because as it increased to a very high height it has stabilized somewhat as growing but for the past couple of months from June onwards we can clearly see a stabilization of the price.

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Now, this brings us to Twitter now they have 511,100 followers. If you visit their Twitter you’ll be able to see the amount of Engagement they tend to have with their future NFT enthusiasts and this is one of the common denominators for a successful project when effective communication takes place either on their social media or personally or directly with the NFT Enthusiast that ensures to show exactly what the project is doing, where it is heading, what’s going on with the project it gives a chance for individuals to know what is the new element of the Dogelon Mars and they’ve done a wonderful job in this regard. So guys building a social media Community harping on buzzwords like a Dog and Elon Musk and promising price reach to the moon have been the typical Playbook copied by sources by scores of meme crypto projects ever since the rise of DogeCoin. However, not all of these projects have been successful in making their investors richer but Elon appears to be one of those as of now.

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It’s currently indistinguishable from hundreds of other meme cryptocurrencies already in circulation. In fact, many of these have actually proven to be scams but several meme projects continue to boost off strong backing communities but their prices haven’t appreciated as hoped after the rise of Doge and Shiba Inu, even if it turns out to be a scam. Dogelon Mars seems to be one of the many dog-themed meme coins that have met a similar fate as projects that have come before them. Share this article with your friends and with your family so more people can find out about Dogelon Mars.



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