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Metahero Review | HERO Coin Explained

Metahero is a blockchain-based platform for a deflationary token HERO that employs Cutting Edge 3D scanning and modeling technology, allowing users to create ultra-realistic 3D avatars and items for integration into the metaverse. Imagine being able to create a realistic 3D avatar of yourself This is what metahero offers, and even better, imagine being able to do the same for your dog, motorcycle, cat, or any other real-world person, animal, or object.

You can use advanced 3D scanning technology to build your very own lifelike virtual 3D avatars and items through the decentralized metahero platform. And what you create can actually be integrated across the games VR social media and so much more. If that’s not enough guys meta here is meta-scanning technology also allows you to create NFTs from Real World Collectibles and works of art. 

The features of meta Heroes are very interesting from an advanced 3D meta scanner to 3D avatars and smart staking. Metahero is chock full of features designed to maximize the enjoyment of the metaverse and long-term investor returns, so let’s take a closer look at each of the features and more.

3D Meta Scanner 

The Meta Heroes 3D meta scanner serves as a bridge between the digital and physical world with 16 mobile columns each with four cameras and a server unit, full simultaneous synchronization, and the ability to take photograph measurements in 1 to 120 of a second. It can scan any real-world project or person for use in the virtual world. 

From this partnership with WDW scan objects and persons can be made into extremely realistic 3D avatars and used in video games and a host of virtual platforms via the special 3D Chambers and the HERO token.

3D Avatars

Metaverse can't exist without Blockchain
Metaverse and Blockchain

Almost everyone has access to cutting-edge technology that was created specifically for creating avatars to use in the metaverse thanks to the 3D scanners that are installed at various locations around the world. Besides being able to put your face in a 3D on playable characters when gaming items such as art and other Collectibles can also be scanned in 3D and brought into the digital world. While scans can be paid with a HERO defamatory token. As an incentive for trying out the technology, if you are invited to scan, you might be given a HERO.


Now obvious basically as we’ve spoken about the scanning art and the collectibles in the 3D NFT this is similar to scanning people for 3D avatars. However, meta here can also search for images to scan. You would then pay for the scans using the HERO to create NFTs and crypto assets. The WDW Marketplace, which we’ll discuss next, allows you to register for 3D scanning. After registering, you’ll get a notification with the location of the closest available scanner.

WDW Marketplace

The WDW marketplace is an Innovative interface for everything 3D-related. It’s where you can add items such as clothing, jewelry, and more to your 3D avatar, and create a unique appearance that’s ready to rock the virtual world. The thing you gotta keep in mind guys is the WDW marketplace doesn’t scan only people and 3D avatars. It also has been used by the laundry list of large companies such as Disney, Ferrari, Tokyo, and Heineken for the completion of 3D projects.

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Hero Tokenomics 

With the team advisors at 20%, the private resell at 10% and public pre-sales at 10%, and obviously the distribution from strategic Partners marketing exchange listing at 10%. They’ve kept a liquidity pool at 20% but I love the fact that distribution is done in a very well-organized Manner and the company reserves are kept at 10%. 

The maximum supply of 10 billion Euro token allocation is obviously allocated in a very interesting way. For one billion for private pre-sales and one billion for public police sales two billion is kept for the liquidity pool as well as it’s for teams and advisors, and then adding three billion can further company reserves, exchange listings, and strategic partners. And one building is kept for marketing where 50% is locked with 10% unlocked every single month. There is only a 12% tax on all Hero transactions with 2% going towards the liquidity and 3% towards the hero pool and 3% to worst marketing and development while on the other hand the 4% actually goes towards the BNB reward.

Metahero Twitter

With their 227,100 followers this is a massive project and if you visit Metahero’s Twitter account and scroll down the amount of effective communication that they’re having with the enthusiastic NFT holders or anyone that’s interested in buying is absolutely brilliant that is the common denominator for any project to be successful because the amount of communication the amount of information that you put out there the amount of information that you provide the actual buyers understand and which gives it a competitive Advantage. So guys with the skyrocketing popularity of the metaverse personal avatars, digital art, and other unique virtual assets already in a strong demand metahero actually aim to become the creation of these NFTs easier than ever before, giving its HERO token the potential to become increasingly valuable and one of the most popular in its space. No other platform can match the level of realism that Metahero is bringing to the metaverse with its state-of-the-art technology and dynamic Partnerships. Share this article with your friends and with your family so more people can find out about metahero remember guys we are not financial advisors so please make sure to do your own due diligence before investing and never invest more than you’re willing to lose.



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