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Kryptomon NFT Play to Earn Game Review | What is Kryptomon?

Kryptomon is a living NFT game that combines classical monster battling mechanics with play to earn rewards and users can actually create living NFT token monsters to take on adventures. I’m going to go into great detail and talk about a very interesting project called Kryptomon, kryptomon.com it’s native token is KMON. This is a project that is very unique but before we start folks I want to mention that we’re strictly operating off personal opinions and information that is found publicly online remember folks we are not financial advisors and all Investments you make are on your own. Use our site as a starting point but remember always do your own research before with that said let’s get right into it.


Kryptomon is a living NFT game that combines classical monster battling mechanics with play to earn rewards and users can actually create living NFT token monsters to take on adventures. If you’ve played Pokemon then you have a decent idea of how Kryptomon would actually work. The game takes two childhood games and combines them with a modern Defi concept it also uses the BNB chain to incorporate the NFT and cryptocurrency into the game. Now folks the thing that you gotta keep in mind is the fact that Kryptomon fits in the deep later earned genre of the game. So as you play the game you get more than just the satisfaction of hatching eggs and training your companions to defeat other monsters and each monster that you collect is a living NFT that you can buy, sell and even trade. These NFT kryptomon eggs have distinctive genetic codes with various benefits.

The in-game token which is called KMON is a cryptocurrency token that you can exchange for a Bitcoin and real-world cash or any other form of currency. Sub ultimately remember your actions can earn you actual money and that is the main reason why a lot of individuals are turning to the crypto month later earned game because it is making you real money.

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So now let’s discuss the different features of Kryptomon.  Now the main thing over here in addition to the gameplay mechanics is that there are different features that are available. The first one is playing to earn which is the most important one and thanks are placed on the BNB chain network Kryptomon is a unique game where users do everything in the game with the game on and the cryptocurrency has a real-world value. You can earn money by winning battles and breeding rare creatures to sell. In fact, the main thing is that selling creatures can be one of the most rewarding ways to earn money and each creature and egg is a living NFT. They’re very rarest creatures that are being sold for thousands of dollars. 

Gamified NFTs
NFT Games

The other way is the Kryptomon mobile the other element which is very unique is the treasure hunt, which is part of the company’s Real World gameplay mechanics. A treasure hunt is a limited-time event that involves players using their phone’s GPS to visit specific real-world locations which are very unique and we have not come across any play-to-earn Game of this magnitude. We’re arriving at this location it gives you a mystery box that you need to unlock and these randomly generated boxes can contain training tickets or even new NFTs or other exciting items. which takes us to the roadmap.


The roadmap is one of the most important documents that are available that you need to make sure that you go through before you get involved with any project whatsoever and the big reason that Kryptomon has been successful is because of its ability to follow through on its plan. Kryptomon has always been very open with its players and investors the play to the earned game has a detailed roadmap you can see on the official website which targets the implementations of a broad range of features so they’ve managed to deliver much of what they’ve promised and they’re right on track to add even more exciting detail and if you look at the roadmap you’ll be able to see at every single quarter in every single year there are showing what they’ve achieved, what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. 

Literally, the strategy that they’re putting is one of a kind from the story challenges, from the in-game NFT items, from the mobile on the Android and the Kryptomontournament taking on the fourth quarter in 2022 and the introduction of the crypto words and the implementation of the player versus player battle league and clearly mentioning in the first quarter they’re bringing the 3D Kryptomon model transition that begins.

So you can see that they understand exactly where they’re aiming for, what they want to achieve, and how they’re gonna achieve it that brings us to the most important element which is the price predictions.

Kryptomon Price Prediction

When Kryptomon was actually first released that came on which is token it had a listing price of 0.009321 but since then as the price has fluctuated a fair amount in November 2021 the KMON reached an all-time high of 0.2279 and since then it’s gone through a few small Peaks and a generally steady decline. Due to the bear Market, we’re seeing generally in the cryptocurrency industry. After the coin price dropped to around 0.01 they’ve remained fairly stable but since August 2022 KMON has been around 0.01017 so it’s still slightly higher than the original cost, but keeping in mind the rest of the third quarter KMON prices are likely to become stable but remember since the coin has a lot of uses within the game the price is probably one drop below 0.01, unlike many other cryptocurrencies, but KMON on as a tangible value for players and that is what helps it maintain the prices at a reasonable level. 

Keep in mind guys that a lot of tokens will be unlocked on January 23 which may cause the prices to dip but the level of the Community Trust is very high at 84.2% people have trust in this particular coin at the same time you can see their project reliability score of 84 out of 99. So now let’s head over to the marketplace for a Kryptomon.

Future of NFTs
Future of NFT

Kryptomon NFT Marketplace

All the different NFTs that are available and the prices of these NFTs are given on the green on top of every single NFT. So clearly if you want to buy any NFT on its marketplace you can you will also see the different features of each of the NFTs on the right-hand side. So all the asses the elemental affinities the battle and fighting elements that cure in training and even the appearances so there are a lot of features that you can search by and find a particular NFT that you find interesting to invest in.

Is KMON a Good Investment?

This brings us to the big question is KMON a good investment now Kryptomon actually looks very promising guys and the token price has undergone some highs and some lows but eventually stabilized at a reasonable price. It doesn’t seem like it’s gonna Skyrocket anytime soon but neither does it seem like it’s gonna plummet. This can produce some very beneficial opportunities for saving investors.

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So KMON probably isn’t one of those crypto investments from which a bunch of people will make millions but it does have the potential to provide some nice reliable income for dedicated investors. Now common sense says that low-risk investment strategies can actually help KMON investors to make a nice return on their efforts and playing the game allows you to make more money even if you don’t have the funds to invest remember guys I’m not a financial advisor so please make sure to do your own due diligence before investing and never invest more than you’re willing to lose.



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