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Solchicks NFT Play-to-Earn Game Review | What is Solchicks?

Solchicks is the Solana blockchain fantasy NFD player vs player and play-to-earn gaming ecosystem where you not only get to battle monsters but also breed Soul chick NFTs. Folks remember I’m not a financial advisor so please make sure to do your own research before investing and never invest more than you’re willing to lose. Although Solchicks may have not been fully released right now they’ve already gained over 700,000 fans across Twitter Telegram and Discord. Its popularity is due to multiple factors which we’re going to go into great detail in this article and check out the best thing which I personally like about is the fact that it has an exciting storyline the adorable tool chick NFT has in-game rewards and a strong team of developers that have created popular games such as Maple stories and dungeon Fighter online.

Solchicks is one of the best play-to-earn Crypt games with exceptional player versus player gaming their mission is simply to be the leading fantasy NFT player vs player and player-earne crypto gaming ecosystem on the Solana blockchain. They believe with the right team and passion they can revolutionize the industry and that sense clearly is visible with the amount of creativity that’s gone into creating these absolutely cute little Solchicks. 

Solchicks has two main gaming modes the first one is player vs enemy, where your soul chick fights the monsters as they try to achieve various goals such as finding treasure.

The second is player versus player in which you choose your Solchick character from your NFT collections and suitable weapons and then you enter the battlefield. There you’ll have to beat other players by completing set objectives. If you win, you will get a loot box filled with shards as payment. The Solchick’s in-game currency is not to be confused with the soul coins the equipment and game items as well. There’s also an exploration mode where you can deviate from the linear storyline and farm for rare items as well and that is the reason why Solchick has become the main element over here with unmatched cryptocurrency blockchain games which each Soulchick is uniquely created and carefully designed with fully integrated metaverse crypto game with exciting features and players will get paid to play with a 100 plus person team with deep resources and proven track record.

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The extensive partnership with Market leading blockchain institutions ensures the broad scale and seamless experience is available with soul chicks and that is the reason the soul chicks have tokens. So let me talk about the two most important tokens that are available on Solchicks. The first one is the chicks token where the chicks token is the governance token for the Soulchick game. You can acquire these by ranking on the leaderboard or earn them in three ways outside the game buying, staking, and yield farming. There will be only a total of 10 billion chick tokens which will be slowly released when players win them in the game. 

The whole distribution of the token is clearly labored from the ecosystem reward from the marketing liquidity, game development, and investment token as well. Now each of the tokens is clearly written in detail exactly what the wallets are and that is one of the elements I feel is very important when you’re looking at a particular NFT project, that it has an understanding of the different tokens and the Tokenomics that is required to make it successful.

The second token that’s available is called Shards tokens and these are the utility tokens you use in the Soulchick ecosystem. They’re essentially the in-game currency that you can earn as rewards by winning battles and completing missions and you can purchase them from the market as well. Although both the chicks and the shards have great value individually you need to use both at the same time to Avail yourself of certain features, such as breeding a New Soul chick or upgrading equipment and buying them.

Now looking at how owners can actually earn from Solchicks there are three ways to learn from Solchicks. The first one is where you can claim and buy the chicks the second one is by staking the chicks where you can earn yield rewards by staking their chicks tokens and thus increasing the total number the third one is that chicks yield farming you can earn chicks tokens through the yield farming on different decentralized exchange and these are the best ways that you can earn on soulchicks.io. 

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So when you head over to the NFTs they have a different partnership with extensive partnership with Market leading Venture capitals and blockchain institutions ensuring broad scale and seamless experience. They have a number of investors that are available and that is literally the competitive advantage that Solchicks tend to have. Even furthermore they have chicks launch pads that are available and they have developed them with different Market platforms such as Solana, chain link, grape, and eightp as well as slope. 

If you want to find their marketplaces on which you can actually get the NFTs you can head over to any of these marketplaces and once we click on Soul art you can head over to solo out and see that they have 10,000 Solchicks that are available and all the other NFTs which are created as a result of a breeding process where you can combine two of your Solchicks NFTs and pay a fee in chicks and charts to create an egg. The egg hatches in five days and becomes a New Soulchick NFT and all of these are available you can easily get two of the NFTs and breed your new Soulchick at the same time. 

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This is one of the most utility-enhanced NFT projects available in the market and that is the reason why they have all the social media handles available from their Discord, Twitter, Telegram, as well as their link tree so for example if you check their Twitter you will see that they have 312,500 followers. The amount of information and up-to-date communication that they’re continuously having with their NFT enthusiasts is one of the elements that you have to look out for before you invest in any project to ensure that you’re always up to date with the information that is being provided to you about the Soulchicks.



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