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What is Decentraland? MANA Token Explained

What is decentral MANA and what do you think of live concerts, how about viewing art galleries doing gambling on the atari gaming system if any of these seem like appealing concepts Decentraland is the blockchain game for you.

In this article, we’re going to explain what Decentraland is, who’s the development team behind the game, how it works the mana tokens, and any potential problems with this blockchain game.

Decentraland Explained

An Ethereum-based decentralized virtual reality platform called Decentraland. It serves as a completely virtual environment in which users can purchase virtual land. Users are free to develop enjoy and commercialize whatever they want on their own land. The land in Decentraland is represented by a non-fungible token or NFT called simply land. These plots can be developed and made into anything the user desires. Users can even interact with one another because the platform is a peer-to-peer network.

Furthermore, because Decentraland is a decentralized autonomous organization also known as a DAO, users can participate in what’s known as network governance. 

Who created Decentraland?

Esteban ordano found a dissenter land, metaverse holdings limited is the name under which it is registered. The project is headquartered in Beijing china. Esteban ordano the founder is a well-known personality in the crypto world having previously worked as a prominent software developer at Bitpay. His previous experience includes working on copay and leading the team that produced the Streamium app.

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Ordano is credited with co-developing Bitcore a key bitcoin infrastructure library. He and other members of the Decentraland team founded Voltaire a blockchain-focused hackerspace in Argentina. Decentraland was established in 2015 but the real action began in august of 2017 when the blockchain game held its initial coin offering or ICO, almost 20 million was raised in this ICO which sold almost 40 percent of the total supply of mana.

The first land auction conducted in December of the same year allowed developers to select and purchase excellent virtual property areas. The land marketplace went active in march of 2018. By august of 2019, the DAO-based game had offered configurable avatars with unique passports. 

How does Decentraland work? 

The Dcenterlands virtual environment is a metaverse in which users can purchase virtual parcels of land. These parcels are represented by distinct NFTs called land and estates. The owners of these plots are then free to publish whatever they choose on their plots. Once purchased the user owns the virtual land indefinitely unless they choose to sell it. Furthermore once a user’s land has been sold no central entity can take it over. 

These specific owners’ rights protect the platform’s decentralized ethos. All of the parcels of land are then recorded on a blockchain-backed ledger. Users can explore Decentraland’s metaverse using an avatar as they can in practically all other virtual environments. This enables the user to purchase artwork from the crypto valley art gallery or trade with other users in barter town. Users can also attend Decentraland university to learn more about the system.

Aside from that players can purchase other unique NFTs which include exceptional things, these objects are virtual collectibles that can be traded on the Decentraland marketplace.

Layers of Decentraland

Decentralance code is built on the Ethereum network in terms of digital infrastructure. It’s made up of several layers each with its own particular function. The consensus layer, content layer, and real-time layer are among them.

Consensus layer

The consensus layer is in charge of keeping a ledger that tracks the ownership of purchased and sold land parcels. Each parcel in the virtual world has its own unique coordinates and the ledger also includes the owner’s name and a description file. 

Content layer

The content layer is concerned with what occurs within each parcel of land. Everything that people publish in their territories is managed by the content layer. Specific files are also required to comprehend how the content layer operates. Content files script files and interaction definitions are among the files. 

The term content files refer to all audio-visual content, whereas script files are concerned with the arrangement and behavior of the content.  Finally, the concept of interaction includes user-to-user interactions such as gestures voice chat, and texting. 

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What is a mana token? 

Mana is Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency. It’s an erc20 token that serves as the primary means of transferring value across the platform. However, it’s not only the platform’s currency it also grants users voting rights since they can participate in the governance of Decentraland by utilizing mana. Users must first convert their mana into wrapped manna or w mana and lock it in the decentralized autonomous organization or DAO in order to participate in platform governance.

In governance proposals, each w mana represents one vote. In addition to mana Decentraland has two other tokens land and estates. 

Land Token

In the realm of Decentraland land denotes the pieces of land or plots that the users own like mana land entitles users to voting rights, but it doesn’t have to be locked up. 

Estate Token

As for estate tokens, these represent various parcels of land owned by a single person that are linked together. Estates also grant the proprietor vote rights with voting power equal to the sum of all plots owned.

Land and estates are erc721 tokens as opposed to mana which is an erc20. An erc20 token is fungible which implies that each token is identical just as all mana tokens are the same.

ERC721 tokens on the other hand are non-fungible tokens which imply that each token has a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the others.  

Where can Decentraland be purchased?

Mana is almost available on almost all well-known exchanges. It can be easily purchased using the Binance and Okex exchange in the same way that many other cryptocurrencies can. You have the option of placing a market buy or a limit buy, you select the price you’re willing to pay with a limit purchase, and your order is filled once the token price hits your limit price. If you need the token urgently you can place a market order in which you agree to pay the current price and have your order filled almost instantly. If you want to buy Decentraland you can do so by going to Kucoin or Binance US, Okex, or Binance global.

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Although the notion of Decentraland is novel the medium through which it is realized NFTs is not. The rivalry in this market is fierce, big names in the NFT space include Axie infinity. chilies. engine coin and wearable. Decentraland appears to have a lot of competition as if that wasn’t enough Facebook just opted to rebrand itself as meta. Demonstrating its ambition to build a metaphor network of its own. This puts Decentraland in direct rivalry with one of the world’s largest corporations. 

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There’s also fear that most people are unaware of the notion of an NFT and that mainstream adoption will take time. Most people are unlikely to be willing to invest thousands of dollars in virtual land as a result the concept will take some time to catch on. Users of decentral have frequently expressed dissatisfaction with the virtual world’s lack of interactivity. There’s also a general lack of variation in Decentraland’s terrain. I hope you got a ton of value from this article, I’m curious what are your thoughts on Decentraland? have you personally played this blockchain game leave a comment below.



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