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What is Sandbox? SAND Token Explained

What is Sandbox? The sandbox is a play-to-earn metaverse game with a flurry of high-profile collaborations, but how does it differentiate itself from Axie infinity and Decenterland?

In this article, we’re going to explain what the sandbox is, who made the sandbox, how it works, what is a sand token and what are my thoughts on it.

Sandbox Explained

The sandbox is a blockchain-based play-to-earn Game in which participants can design their own virtual universe using non-fungible tokens also known as NFTs. The game’s concept is similar to Minecraft and is built on the Ethereum network. In reality, it debuted in 2011 as a mobile-based competitor to Minecraft before shifting to blockchain in 2020. Following facebook’s rebranding as meta there’s growing interest in projects and platforms such as the sandbox. 

The platform has raised over 93 million dollars from a variety of investors led by Japanese mobile behemoth Softbank. The sandbox has also formed various strategic alliances including those with Atari, the walking dead, crypto kitties, and even snoop Dogg.

Who made the sandbox?

Pixel inc first developed the sandbox in 2011. The Minecraft light game was released for ios in 2012. The game was named game of the year by apple that very year. The following year it was also available on android. The game had over 10 million downloads in 2014 and this figure increased to almost 40 million in 2018. Sandbox stated in May 2018 that a blockchain-based 3d version of the game was in the works.

The sandbox’s basic interface which allows players to register their accounts was introduced in 2019. The game’s mobile version is set to be released later this year in 2022. 

How does sandbox works?

The sandbox is a flexible and dynamic virtual world in which players can develop a variety of NFTs and other inventions. The possibilities for producing one-of-a-kind digital things are endless. On the platform, players can design their own avatars, and virtual things and even create their own personalized games. The player’s creations can be bought and sold in an in-game marketplace. Three distinct functions enable all of this Voxedit, game maker, and the sandbox marketplace.

Players can use Voxedit to create edit and animate their creations. These creations take the form of NFTs and can include apparel animal tools or weaponry. These are all voxel-based objects. Voxels or 3d pixels that are square in shape and look like lego blocks. Voxedit gives gamers unlimited creative freedom to build one-of-a-kind products. These things can then be utilized in-game or exported and traded in the sandbox marketplace.

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The sandbox marketplace which allows users to buy and trade game objects was released in April 2021. These items can be purchased and sold using sand the platform’s money. The sandbox marketplace provides a unique chance for gamers to monetize their games by uploading their creations and earning a good amount of money. The things on the marketplace are sold at rates ranging from just 10 sand to thousands of sand.

The elements purchased from the marketplace can be combined into a player’s land and used to build unique games using the game maker. Users can utilize the game maker to construct their own personalized games inside the confines of their own land. It allows users to design and test their own 3d games and the best thing is that no coding experience is required. Without any technical experience, any player can quickly construct their own unique and customized game. The NFTs made with Voxedit can be used in these games. Players can also modify the environment install buildings and create missions. These creations can then be made available to the sandbox community.

What is sand?

Sand is the platform’s native cryptocurrency. It is an erc20 token with a fixed supply of exactly 3 billion. Within the sandbox ecosystem sand has a number of utilities. To begin with, Sand is the primary medium for transferring value across the platform. This means that in order to play the game acquire land or manufacture goods players must own sand. It is also used in the sandbox marketplace to buy and sell custom-made assets. 

Sand can also be staked within the game to gain incentives and a portion of the revenue generated by all transactions. Staking sand enhances the likelihood of discovering valuable gems and catalysts. These are in-game items that are required to craft things of higher rarity. Sand will be the platform’s governance token in the future. This will allow sand holders to vote on recommendations for the platform’s future development.

Aside from sand another crucial token in the game is called Land. The land token is an ERC 721 token, unlike erc20 tokens which are fungible which means each token is an exact duplicate of the other. Erc721 tokens are not fungible which means each token is unique. In the sandbox, universe land denotes digital real estate. Players that purchase land have the right to host whatever content they wish on it. Similarly, they can rent out their land to generate a consistent passive income.

The sandbox planet contains a total of 166,464 lands. Through public land cells, they can be purchased for sand or ether. Land can also be purchased and sold on the sandbox marketplace and other NFT markets such as the open sea.

What is GameFi?

Where can you buy sand?

Sand can be purchased on almost all well-known exchanges such as Binance and Okex or Kucoin exchange in the same way that any other cryptocurrency can. You can either place a limit buy or a market buy. You select the price you’re willing to pay with a limit purchase and your orders are filled once the token price hits your limit price. If you need the token urgently you can place a market order, in which you agree to pay the current price and have your order filled almost instantly. If you want to buy the native token of sandbox which is the sand token you can do so by going to Okex, Binance us Binance global, or Gemini.


The sandbox’s main issue is the incredibly high level of competition it will face. The days of Minecraft being its main competitor are long gone blockchain-based gaming is becoming more popular and there are other projects that could give the sandbox a run for its money.  The Dcenterland is one example similar to the sandbox and concept and other upstart initiatives like engine coin or competing in the NFT arena. 

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Similarly, traditional gaming behemoths such as Minecraft and Roblox are not the best competitors to have on your block. Overall the sandbox’s performance remains to be seen only time will tell whether or not it can compete with the big boys. I hope you got value from this article, I’m curious what are your thoughts on the sandbox have you played this metaverse game? leave a comment below.



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