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What is MetaVPad? METAV Tokenomics Explained

Early investment in the metaverse domain could reap massive rewards. Metavpad may present an opportunity for early investors. 

In this article we’ll look at what Metavpad is, how it works, its partner’s team and supporters, its Tokenomics, and my thoughts on it.

What is Metavpad crypto?

The metaverse has become a new craze in and out of the crypto community since Mark Zuckerberg announced facebook’s name change to meta. Early metaverse investors are expecting to make millions shortly. Blue Zilla for example got on board and launched Metavpad on December 10th, 2021. 

Metavpad is a platform designed to give investors early access to various metaverse initiatives. Its goal is to democratize access to protocols goods and services that will form the backbone of the internet’s future generation. Metavpad aspires to be the sole source of funding for pioneer developers in this technology to resist monopolies in the metaverse. This launchpad will prioritize funding for decentralized governance, non-fungible assets, digital identity, virtual and augmented reality, and metaverse interoperability solutions.

How does Metavpad Works?

Metavpad aspires to be a project incubator focused on the metaverse. To participate users will require the Metav token. The Metav token will be used as a key to unlock certain functions. Investors can unlock three stages of Metavpad by staking. These three stages are called explorer, creator, and architect. The quantity of Metav tokens invested unlocks a specific tier. 

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Metavpad partners, team and supporters

Bluezilla is the venture capital firm that backs Metavpad. Previously they’ve launched additional launchpad initiatives such as pulse pad. Metavpad is a component of their ecosystem. There’s no information on the Metavpad or bluezilla teams The teams are currently unidentified. Metavpad announced two additional strategic agreements on Twitter with GameZone and NFT launch. Both projects are also integrated into the bluezilla ecosystem. 

Metavpad Tokenomics

As previously stated metav is the token that grants you access to the launchpad. The ticket is available in both erc20 and bep20 formats. Metavpad’s major deflationary strategies include 25% early unstacking fees and a 10% fee on all token sales. Users must stake it for at least eight weeks to avoid the unstacking fee. The 10% fee on token sales is distributed as follows. 7.5% goes to token holders and 2.5% is burned.

Token distribution for Metavpad 

Token distribution is as follows, 16% private cell, 16% public cell, 15% team, 12% ecosystem, 11% liquidity, and 8% seed sell, furthermore 7% was allocated to advisors and 4% to the reserve, and finally 1% to airdrops. Metav can be purchased on digi fynex, pancake swap, uni swap, wagyu swap, and dodo BSC.


The fact that the crew is unidentified is the most concerning aspect of Metavpad. The initiative is part of bluezilla’s ecosystem and should reassure investors but bluezilla’s team on the other hand is unnamed. They’ve launched several successful launchpad ventures in the past but have refused to put their names behind any of them. Most of bluezilla’s projects are also pretty similar in concept and website design. Not to mention that bluezilla’s ecosystem includes Metavpad’s strategic partners. 

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There’s currently no information on outside collaborations or investors. Because the blockchain space is currently the wild west caution is advised, with little information on where the capital is being invested and the people behind it one cannot help but wonder what the simple goal of this enterprise is. So what are your thoughts about this project leave a comment below.



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