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What is TLM? Alien Worlds NFT Play to Earn Game Review

Today we’re going to look at a very interesting play-to-earn game called the alien worlds. The alien worlds is a decentralized play-to-earn metaverse where users participate in intergalactic exploration missions and gamers are incentivized to use the trilium token TLM the platform’s in-game currency, which they can collect during their planetary quest. The game is structured into planets that operate a decentralized autonomous organization the dow governance model. These planetarium DAOs have treasuries that receive a given amount of native tokens daily used for payouts to its members. 

As a player-to-earn NFT game, the alien worlds feature a wide range of NFTs which are up for grabs by explorers. These collectibles are used for mining, owning or renting out land fighting or gaming, or spacecraft missions. The more trilium a player gets the higher the power to own NFTs and increase the explorer’s authority in the game.

Alien worlds have a lot of attributes for NFTs for example rarity and shininess. The rarity there are six different levels of rarity in the digital items in the alien world. There are five different shininess levels, including stone, gold, stardust, antimatter, and the x dimension.

The lower-level items can be forged together to increase their shine and attributes except in the case of the x-dimension NFT game cards which are only found by operating a rare pack. While on the other hand attributes are land. The land is a series of NFTs in the alien world that represents parcels of land on the planets in the alien worlds. You can mine your own land if you own it, or you can charge those who mine on your land a commission. They’ve got tools as well where everyone is given a free shovel, to begin with, but it’s the mining power that is very limited. Other tools might be discovered during your explorations of the metaverse, or if you’re extremely lucky, you might stumble upon one while mining. Different tools have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, a clever disc is good for finding NFTs, and a lucky drill will mine much more effectively than a standard drill. 

Note that you can only use three tools at the same time then you have minionns which are very interesting because minnions may be used by communities in their own games are NFTs utilized in fighting games? In the Thunderdome and across the metaverse, minions are anticipating the games with bated breath.

Weapons, avatars, and missions are the other main elements that are available for NFTs in the alien world. The weapons are very interesting and the reason that is the NFTs have both an attacking rating and a defensive rating. Now, this is very rare because a lot of other NFTs in the industry do not have these attributes and that is one of the main reasons why the alien world is becoming one of the main go-to players in games in the industry. They may be used by developers and communities throughout the matter and will be used by explorers in fighting games when battling other explorers. 

The avatars are what make the alien worlds one of the most unique games that are being played right now in web 3.0. The avatars are the NFT game cards that are your face in the metaverse that can be utilized to play the game you select your first avatar for the use for mining. The avatars offered by the federation include greys, reptiloids and little green person Nordics, and Robotron, while on the other hand, the missions are what take it to the next level where the mission NFTs are earned by going on missions in the metaverse, and the mission and of these have three variables.

The first one is the crafting key a value from a to g in the alphabet. The boost power is the base power and these numbers can be read by smart contracts you can participate in a game using missions NFT if you find one in the metaverse or you build your own.

This brings us to the trilium the TLM. The Trilium is the cross-change of the Ethereum and the Binance exchange the wax fungible token that connects the metaverse and allows for the transfer of value and voting in the plant DAO. You can earn the trilium in the mining game and stake the trilium to a planet dial to vote in that planet’s election. Both players and planets on the alien world are hunting for TLM and you can accumulate more trilium through mining or going on different missions as a land owner you can even earn passive income from miners evacuating your land. Each planet is allocated a given in about a trilion daily depending on the number of land owners.

Metaverse can't exist without Blockchain

TLM Tokenomics

The most important element is the fundamental principle the thing that is the most crucial in the alien world is the tokenomics the token that is required for the gameplay across the alien NFT metaverse. The tokonomic is very interesting because a lot of different play-to-earn games in the industry do not have proper tokenomics but the alien world has done a wonderful job distributing and clearly mentioning exactly what the token economics are and to ensuring scarcity there is a total supply of 5 billion TLM tokens with a circulating supply of 2.61 billion. The total supply is programmed to decline each year using a complex algorithm mechanism and to counter hyperinflation alien world has factored in inflation at different percentages over several years with a circulating supply declining yearly. 

The distribution and allocation are clearly shown on their website through a diagram with inflation, with the federation, with the fighting and quest fund, with the land owners and the planet b and as well as the sixth planet DAO. What is being used, what is being staked, how it’s being staked, what are the missions, and what is the percentage of each element going that is done in a very well-organized and strategic way which makes this tokenomics one of the most unique ones in the industry.

TLM Price Prediction

Alien worlds is a top-notch graphic price-worthy NFT game card across chain structures and a busy ecosystem with an ever-increasing market cap that have placed it amongst the DeFi player in games to watch. Now the DaPP radar currently ranks alien worlds as one of the top games above Axie infinity which now sits in the seventh position. The thing over here which you need to keep in mind is the fact that its tokenomics which I’ve mentioned is absolutely brilliant and the main thing is that experts are bullish on its price with the price prediction expecting its price to rise to an average of 0.053 by 2023 and the possibility even to hit a 0.11  by 2025. now the thing over here with the coin market gap says that there is a bullish prediction for a more modest climb to an average of 0.044 by next year and reaching 0.056 dollars by 2025.

If you check the TLM chart you can clearly see the increase that they had at the start with a decrease and a dip that got on the bottom, but as we reach today’s time there is a stabilization when it comes to the price market and a gradual increase so we can clearly see that it has positioned itself into a bullish position where it can only go up from here. So, guys, alien worlds is currently one of the most popular player games around with its players growing by the thousands each day, but it still shows its continuing determination to improve and attract even more players. The alien world team is constantly working to improve the game’s ecosystem with even more exciting features and game extensions yet to be revealed. As the DeFi gaming space gains further traction it couldn’t come as a surprise if the TLM token price skyrockets remember guys I’m not a financial advisor so please make sure to do your own due diligence before investing and do not invest more than you’re willing to lose. Share this article with your friends and with your family on your social media so more people can find out about alien worlds and how it all works.

TLM is an Alien Worlds game native token, players require TLM to participate in quests, battles, upgrade and purchase items in the game.

Yes, it’s really great as it has an amazing use case and it’s even improved in ranking. You can read our complete review about it.

Yes, it’s a metaverse project a decentralized Metaverse connected to Ethereum, WAX and Binance Smart ChainTLM is one of the most traded NFT metaverse tokens on crypto exchanges



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